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Hear the word of the Lord, you children of Israel, for the Lord brings a charge against the inhabitants of the land: “There is no truth or mercy, or knowledge of God in the land. Hosea 4:1

The Lord guided the Israelites to listen to His Word, because it speaks of what is good and keeps us away from evil. The purpose of preaching is to help those who are saved to avoid bad things and do good. Good guidance will make man successful in his actions. To avoid evil helps people to not fall in the devil’s traps and leads them to live the best from God. That way, people will give a good example to the generation that’s reaching adulthood.

When all the people follow divine will, the devil won’t be able to find a breach. Unfortunately, many people suffer with his punishment because they won’t listen to the Lord. The teachings of the Most High will lead us to green pastures and to tranquil waters (Psalm 23:2). Say yes to the Lord’s instructions and no to the evil one’s offers. That way, you will be successful in everything.

There is no reason for the devil to dominate so many people, as we can see today. The Savior went to the kingdom of darkness and of the liar, and stripped him of the authority he stole from Adam. The enemy cannot oppress those who belong to God anymore, but they should fiercely serve the Lord. When the saved ones don’t take pleasure in holiness, they could be the ones to blame for so many bad things that are happening. Because they are away from God, they are close to the destroyer.

All over the Bible, the Almighty presents accusations about the easy life of those who don’t care about positive commandments (orientations to do good) or negative ones (instructions to dodge away from evil). People need to stop being religious and become practitioners of the Word. Only then will the Lord be beside them

The eternal God says there is no fidelity in men. They take pleasure in not honoring their commitments, and some even make fun of those who honor their word. Well, this is a huge insult to the Lord! He created us from one man alone, according to His image and likeness. However, even when the option of doing good is offered to people, the spirit of infidelity still dominates the hearts of many of them.

Love is difficult to be found in modern life, except “forbidden love”, which is related to adultery and fornication – intimate relationship between non-married people. Why would someone stop being faithful and of good character and dishonor someone else’s home? Why force someone to sleep with you if tomorrow they could get married and become a parent of your future son or daughter-in-law?

Something that harms many people is the lack of knowledge of God (Hosea 4:6). Religious people, when they teach their own doctrines, make the Word that saves, delivers and heals the lost useless. The healing for our land is to minister about this to all the people.

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God of eternal judgement! It is great to walk by Your side and learn from what You teach. That way, we will rise with Jesus when You return. Unfortunately, many have been made blind by the enemy. Because of that, they can’t see how good it is to walk with You!

We want to know Your Word so we understand our rights in Christ, and so we can share the knowledge of truth with mankind. Don’t allow us to fall into the traps of those who’re not serving You, but teaching false doctrines.

We thank You for protesting against our lack of attention to what You’re saying. We cannot allow the enemy to oppress us and end the hope of those who don’t know You. Free the lost ones! You are good!


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