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And Abraham said to his young men, “Stay here with the donkey; the lad and I will go yonder and worship, and we will come back to you.”. Genesis 22:5

Every servant of God in service can be used as a prophet. In giving us a mission, the Lord prepares us to be instruments of Him in a phenomenal way – now with the vision of a prophet, now with the authority of a king. On some occasions, we are obedient servants, doing His ordinances, even when we do not fully understand His purposes. The Almighty does everything for our benefit and for His work; therefore, not listening to Him is a mistake.

Although he was far from the place designated by God, Abraham had no doubts. When acting under divine anointing, the Lord always reveals everything to us about the work to be done. We need to obey Him so that we don’t waste time or opportunities that arise. Whoever follows Him never stumbles on any stone on the way.

When the place is shown, or the work to be done is confirmed to the heart of anyone who has the task of carrying it out, he must go it alone. Those who accompany him must stay away, so as not to hinder God’s action. Jesus did similarly, in asking His disciples to distance themselves from the house of Jairus, where the Lord raised that man’s daughter. The Master took with Him only those who were prepared to witness the miracle (Lk 8.41.42; 49-56).

Witnesses of such an event would see from a distance what would happen in that place. Otherwise, they could prevent the correct steps from being taken. The animal used to carry the firewood also stayed away. If Abraham had not taken it from his home, the youth would have offered to prepare it and, thus, would have hindered the divine work in some way.

Certainly, the young men did not question the boss, because they heard, loud and clear, what he would do. So Abraham called his son a young man and told him that he was going with him to worship on that mountain. The prophecy is complete and correct, giving no scope for malicious speculation. Whoever receives a word from God shows that he is mature enough to order and be obeyed. The divine plan would be revealed there!

For Abraham, that trip had a purpose – to worship the Most High – and he knew how to act. That was the only time the Lord tested someone like that. My advice is: if you hear a request similar to this ordeal, rebuke that voice right away. Abraham was being tested whether or not he would give his son to God. Now, this symbolizes what the Father once did: he did not deny his Son to come into the world in order to die for us and give us salvation.

The patriarch said that, having worshiped, they would return to the same place where the servants were, and they did not question him nor were they desperate to see Isaac tied and placed on the wood. They trusted their master. When they returned, they must have confessed that the Lord provided the lamb. Hallelujah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God who guides us! It is not easy for those who live in the flesh to let themselves be guided by Your Spirit in times of trial. Only those who serve You in spirit will understand how to proceed in these situations. You are fantastic even in that!

Why should the altar be risen in Moriah, if the most important was faith? We cannot question You, for You are Omniscient. Everything that happens in the world today is not new to You, and nothing takes You by surprise.

We must trust You, in the face of all things, for Your plans and Your will are much greater than our reasoning. You are tremendous and wonderful, so we must praise You and believe Your Word. Amen!


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