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“Now I will rise,” says the Lord;“Now I will be exalted, Now I will lift Myself up.. Isaiah 33:10

The children of Israel faced a cruel enemy: Assyria. Because they forsook the Lord and gave themselves to sin, their opponents besieged and oppressed them. This also happens to those who, little by little, stop fearing the Lord. There are those who read, but do not understand the Scriptures. This person prays, but is not sure that they will be answered; goes to services, but does not take possession of the Word preached. Then, when they least expect, they find themselves in the midst of many problems.

Israel paid tribute to the Assyrian Empire, but suffered a cowardly blow. When they allied with Egypt in exchange for protection, they were punished and made captive. Then it was Judah’s turn to be confronted by the Assyrians. In Jerusalem, King Hezekiah and his subjects found themselves trapped like birds in a cage by Sennacherib, while the cities around the walls of the Holy City were invaded and plundered.

Even if God had allowed His to be punished, the adversary’s disloyalty and arrogance would be punished. The Most High would rise in vengeance for the people who are called by His Name. Hezekiah turned to Isaiah and prayed in the house of God, getting an answer. In one night, 185,000 Assyrian soldiers were killed. Sennacherib withdrew to Nineveh, where he was murdered by his own children!

Our God is merciful, He is love (1 John 4:16). He responds to the cry of those who fear place their trust in Him. Even in a multitude of errors, if there is repentance on our part, the Lord will help us. The devil’s affront will cease when we place ourselves entirely at His disposal, consecrating ourselves to His will. Hezekiah was upright. He did not submit to the Assyrian king and was rewarded for his faith.

We will receive more from God if we give Him our footsteps. Outside the divine will, the devil can operate freely in order to destroy us. Let us never forget the Creator! Thus, we will not open any gaps for the tempter’s works, nor will he embarrass us. 

When we cry out to the Father, there is security, complete salvation, wisdom and knowledge. The fear of the Lord is our most precious treasure. Then, fear dissipates, and we feel able to take hold of the divine statements concerning us. Let us enter our prayer battles with God, reminding Him of His promises addressed to us. Thus, our faith will increase, and we will come out of the battles more than conquerors.

The Lord promised to arise, and when that happens, the enemy, the disease, the misery and the lack of peace are destroyed. The words spoken by man have no value compared to the greatness of God: with a breath, He will destroy the enemy and his devices. Everyone will behold His power. He who goes ahead of us is bigger than the world and will arise for us. Let us believe His Word and obey Him!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Almighty Lord! Nobody mocks  at You and comes out unscathed. You are exalted above the cherubs! Halleluiah! Sennacherib thought he could rise up against the children of Israel, shaming Your Name, but You showed mercy to those who cried out to You.

You have the help of all who fear You, that is why the enemies of Your people have been annihilated. Now, the disease will run from Your face, whoever cries will be comforted, and the dry land will be shaken at the sound of Your voice!

Visit, my God, the enemy's camp with Your power and undo thei infernal intentions. This friend of mine who cries out to You in repentance, trusts in Your salvation! You will burn all iniquity, so only the righteous will escape Your judgment.


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