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And Mary remained with her about three months, and returned to her house. Luke 1:56

The two cousins, Mary and Elizabeth, after greeting each other and telling about the calling of God for each of their lives, both of them spent three months in fellowship with the Lord. We must not be in a rush when we find a true servant of the Most High. The proof of this is the calling of this person and the confirmation that they obey God wholeheartedly. The Most High is never mistaken! 

Both were important to the salvation plan.  Mary, still a virgin, was found pregnant by divine work, and Elizabeth, advanced in age, was married to an old man, and both of them had to share the words revealed to them by the heavenly messenger. Suddenly, they discovered they would influence not only Elizabeth´s story, but of all nations as well. God´s call fto a person is the best they can have. 

These women certainly had something to say and learn from one another because an angel was sent to them with a very unique message. As always, God has His ways of calling His chosen ones, and that´s what happened to both cousins. The One who would take upon Himself all our sins, a man of Pain would come from Mary. And from Elizabeth came the one who would prepare the way for this Man.  

Both children had a special mission. Elizabeth´s son would open the way for the Messiah, and Mary´s son would open the Heavens for humanity. They took on the task and fulfilled the Lord´s command. You don´t know how much God loved you when He called you to take part of His ministry, perhaps like a minister of the Holy Gospel, or maybe as a sponsor of His work throughout the world. 

When two people who believe the Most High and serve Him with an honest heart meet each other, something good happens for the good of all. The way God prepares the work and uses the faithful ones is the same as when His holy Name started to be called upon here on Earth. Since then, many people have been benefited because one has loved God more than the opportunities to enrich, and so they have done according to divine will. 

The work of the Father is diverse and has great ministries. Therefore, there are people who need to listen to Him and need to be prepared by Him, in order to fill in positions that are essential in the divine harvest. Each church opened is an important agency of the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. If the devil could, he would close all of them, and nobody else would be saved. However, the gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church (Matthew 16:18). 

The newcomers to the Kingdom of God need to learn to behave like His representatives on Earth. If they are dedicated and don’t yield to the desires of the flesh, in no time they will become true blessings. What the Lord has in store for His servants to carry out will produce eternal profit to them. The Lord keeps His promises! 

In Christ Jesus, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! You work wonderful deeds for us, which, although simple, are complex. Besides, You do things that we don´t understand at first. Your grace over our life is greater than everything, and Your love is immeasurable. 

In the three months they were together and despite Your helped they received during their conversation, Mary and Elizabeth probably didn’t understand why they were chosen to take part of Your plan, but the decision was Yours. 

You control our life, so don´t let us fall into temptation; we don´t want to lose Your love. Take care of us, for we don´t even know where our desires come from. Allow us to praise You!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
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