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23/04/2023 - ALWAYS THE SAME

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Your name, O LORD, endures forever, Your fame, O LORD, throughout all generations. Psalm 135.13

When thinking of God, think of the Being who created everything from nothing, made man in His image and likeness, and never changes: For I am the Lord, I do not change; therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob. (Malachi 3.6). Our wickedness is a door that demons like to use. If we are in sin, and all wickedness is sin, the power from on High ceases to work in us unless we repent of the error and confess it (Isaiah 59.1).

After the Fall, mankind became different. Those who were born became servants of the evil one, who, with hatred, treats them with whips and other means that separate them from the Most High. It’s necessary to bring this to memory. The fact that someone allows himself to be used and possessed by the spirit of sensuality, to keep hatred in his heart, or hide his evil deeds, are doors which are already opened for the power of darkness to torment that person.

The Lord had created man to be like Him here on Earth, but after the betrayal in the garden of Eden, human beings became petty and vulnerable to the devil’s dominion (read Genesis, chapters 2 and 3). Thus, suffering finds a place to go in and disturb him. One who does not love God and indulges in sin, or thinks about things that are condemnable by the Word, will be the target of various evils.

Man has changed, and nature has also suffered aggression from diabolical forces. Even so, God continues to rule over all things. No more blaming Adam for the tragedies that occur on the planet, because Jesus has already provided for the devil’s departure from here:  Now is the judgment of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out (John 12.31). So, we must use the authority given by the Savior and place evil in the abyss.

Today, believers must assume themselves as New Testament ministers and do the things that Jesus did (John 14.12). By returning to it’s original place, death – Satan’s nature – can no longer oppress anyone, only those who do not know their rights in Christ. We can be set free from any bondage of the evil kingdom; all we have to do is take our place in Christ. Only those who do this will know how to send evil away. He who believes lives!

The Name remains the same in our days, as it was in the days of the Lord Jesus. There will only be any change with conversion to Christ. With Him we cast out Satan, we deliver the oppressed, heal the sick, and have complete comfort and protection. Make use of the Name of the Lord and get rid of your problems. Don’t wait for someone to pray on your behalf. If you take your authority in Christ, you will be set free right now. Believe and pray!

The remembrance of God is repeated in the people from generation to generation. The lost must be introduced to the Gospel, the Good News of what Jesus, the Son of God, did on behalf of humanity in His death on the cross. Let us be ready and determined to assert our rights in the Lord. With Him and in Him we will never be defeated (2 Corinthians 2.14).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of Whom we are ministers! We do not come before You to see what we can do or ordain for Your power to work. Rather, we come in faith and willingness to overcome the hellish forces that try to shame and defeat us. In the Name of Jesus we say, "Come out, evil!"

No attack of the devil will be allowed in our lives. Even though it’s nothing but the growling of the defeated, we will use Your authority. With Your Name, we bind the works of the liar and demand his withdrawal now!

By Jesus’ wounds, we have been healed. For us, that’s a law, because it came from Your pure heart. Nothing of the enemy shall attack us or bring us illnesses. We command in Jesus' Name, " All evil, leave now!"


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