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08/11/2023 - ANOINTED WITH OIL

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From the blood of the slain, from the fat of the mighty, the bow of Jonathan did not turn back and the sword of Saul did not return empty.  2 Samuel 1.22

The verse before this lesson mentions anointing with oil, something we have mistakenly put aside in our days. The Scriptures speak a lot about this anointing. Why is this neglected, when everything that happened in the Old Covenant symbolizes what we need to keep in our hearts to enjoy the power it represents (1 Corinthians 10:6; Hebrews 10:1)? The Bible states that every yoke will be broken because of the anointing (Isaiah 10:27). The oil represents the Holy Spirit!

Jesus was in Nazareth, where He was not well received by His people (Luke 4.16-30). So the Messiah called the 12 and began to send them out two by two – to bless people. In order for these disciples to do the complete work (Luke 10:19), Christ gave them authority over unclean spirits. These men of God had learned from the Master, so they began to minister as soon as they left. They preached repentance, for the Kingdom of Heaven was coming, and they cast out many demons (Mark 6:1-13)!

Because they were learning from Jesus, and had received the command from His lips, the divine anointing accompanied the 12, who performed wonders, healings, and solved problems. The Kingdom of God is their field of work. The preaching of the Truth drives out the forces of evil. From whom did the disciples learn to anoint with oil (Mark 6.13)? From Jesus! He did not forbid them to use it!

Oil represents the Holy Spirit. Therefore, miracles and healings occur with the use of this element, which symbolizes the holy presence of the Lord. Take a moment to reflect on how the disciples acted when anointing people with this symbol. Today, anyone baptized in the Holy Spirit receives the anointing to do God’s work as Jesus did (Acts 1:8). But new converts must first be taught the fear of the Lord. Then they will never be lost!

The hills of Gilboa were cursed by David because Saul died there. The anointing had to be respected, but it was not. Imagine, then, what will happen to the person who invents false news about the person who uses the anointing from Above to magnify the Kingdom of Heaven! It is even worse when that person spreads a rumor stemming from a slander. God’s servants should gather with Jesus and not spread (Matthew 12:30). He is the Truth!

Look at what happens in the field of raised offerings. Those who have stopped contributing because they were angry about something unimportant, and may even lose that ministry, will also be left without the rain (great revelations) and without the dew (drops of water – small revelations – that come extra for the plants to grow). Blessed are the people who understand their call and fulfill it!

Never trifle with God’s work, as if a gift given by Him, which is dedicated to doing good, is thrown out of the Kingdom, being accused of any wrongdoing. Do not join the evil doers who want to destroy an anointed one. To silence a minister is to commit a terrible sin against the express will of God (1 Chronicles 16:21,22). The Lord has anointed us with oil. About Jonathan’s bow, which never turned back, and Saul’s sword, which never returned empty, the question remains: what about your anointing? Believe and live!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the field! Forgive the people who have given in to the devil and harmed some anointed ones, preventing lives from being reached by the hands of those You have prepared. Only You know the extent of Your purpose. Glory be to You!

Father, I cry and beg for forgiveness for this life that was wicked and did not identify that You were behind Your servant. The Israelites did not recognize the Good News promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. With that, they suffered for centuries! Mercy!

The time has come for the Israelites to convert. Therefore, I humbly pray for the children of the patriarchs, that they may see Your hand at work throughout the Earth. Those who surrender to You receive the true anointing to save souls! 


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