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28/09/2021 - AS TO THE LORD

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And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men. Colossians 3.23

In the Gospel, we have many opportunities to prove our love for the Savior, and it is a joyful thing to do. When we obey the directions from High, we have the anointing to do the work, just as Jesus would do it. It is God’s will for the saved to fulfill this mission. We must do our best, as if it were for Jesus himself. Watch and pray!

Jesus treated God´s work like a man treats food (John 4.34). For Him, carrying out the Father’s orders was like eating the food that everyone needs. Thus, they will have strength to live, working for their daily bread. Whoever strives to obey the divine command will be strengthened and will come out much more capable. Such a person will follow the guidance given at the appropriate times.

If something isn’t in accordance with biblical permissions and His guidance, we must not lay our hands on it. But knowing the purpose of the Most High, we can imitate the Master. There is nothing wrong in what He did and in what we will do. However, if there is a single Bible verse contradicting what we think is the Lord’s proposal, such a project must be aborted.

We cannot start a work without being able to finish it, nor can we stay all the time just thinking about fulfilling God’s plan, already having His yes in our hearts. For we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5.7); so, if we have the faith, we have the confirmation from Heaven.  So, as we initiate the work, the heavenly power will assist us until the end.

The man who received a talent seemed like a good citizen. However, Jesus commanded him to be cast into outer darkness, because he didn’t believe God’s instruction and returned the talent, which he had wrapped in a handkerchief, intact (Matthew 25.24-30; Luke 19.20). Don’t use anything to put away the resources received from the Lord. Use them with faith and determination. Don’t leave it for later what you have been commanded now. Amen?

To do God’s work, our heart can never be divided. Otherwise, we prove that we have not given priority to His words (James 1.5-8). Let us put all our attention on what we have learned to be our mission. By consecrating ourselves to the Lord, we will do the task well. Act in a way that you will not suffer rebuke. God takes pleasure in seeing His children striving to help the suffering.

Let us do everything as if we had the Lord as our boss. By acting in this way, our part will be completed with due care. When we do something to a man, our tendency is to relax and so – the work comes out in any which way. But when we do it as to the Lord, things are different, for His Spirit helps us to work hard to get it right.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our actions! Man can do nothing for You without Your help, for he will not be accepted. So we ask for help and wisdom to fulfill Your commands with appreciation and zeal!

Grant us the ability to complete all that You require of us. Our life and will must be submissive to You. We refuse to live in the insecurity of our flesh and in rebellion to Your commandments. It is better to serve You always!

Our main activity needs to be complete dedication to You. Nothing will take us away from that purpose. Help us to understand and fulfill our calling. To You be glory, honor and praise. We are thankful for Your love!


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