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Oh, let the nations be glad and sing for joy!For You shall judge the people righteously, and govern the nations on earth.  Psalm 67:4

The goals of the councils recorded in this Psalm are our well-being. Therefore, they must be received with thanksgiving, engraved in our hearts and used when we feel that something evil is coming to bring us down. He who believes in Jesus has been delivered from the kingdom of darkness. So if the devil insists on attacking you, refuse this attack and cast out such evil, for the time of oppression no longer exists for those who are in Christ.

Now Paul has said that all we can do is rejoice in the Lord (Philippians 3:1), sustaining his earlier instructions as well as those of other writers of the Bible. Now, we can not just get this last instruction and try to solve our problems. To the paralytic healed in the pool of Bethesda Jesus said that he should sin no more, that nothing worse would befall him (John 5:14).

But sin separates man from God. Whoever transgressed, but did not make things right with the Lord, causes His ears to be shut. Hence, He can not hear the prayers of that person (Isaiah 59: 2). The person who erred a long time ago and thinks that the Most High has forgotten about that, it certainly mistaken. The hidden transgression remains in the spiritual world forever; but repentance and the confession completely erase it. This is not difficult to do; just love the Lord and repent.

The person who refuses to get things right with God and with the person they have harmed, does not love Him. So even though He is Father, He will have to send you to eternal torment. The Lord is righteous and will not hold you innocent if you do not repent. So enjoy and confess your sin now!

Is it not better to seek the Lord now, to tell Him your errors and get rid of eternal damnation? He expects you to love Him, before declaring you guilty. At this moment, pray to the Father, and then look for the person to whom you have caused some moral or financial loss and tell everything you have done against then. Of course the devil will work hard for you to keep your mouth shut and be filled with shame, and if he succeeds, he will have you in his clutches forever. 

The apostle said that he was not bothered about writing the same things. No doubt, he did this so that his own did not forget. Likewise, we cannot be bothered about always reminding ourselves of biblical guidance. Our eternal and present happiness will be compromised if we do not get rid of the things that cover the face of God. We must free ourselves not only from the symptoms, but also from the causes of evil – sins!

All this is for our safety. Therefore, we must dress ourselves with this protection; so no fiery dart of evil will strike us. The God who let Himself be overcome by Jacob at the ford of the Jabbok expects you to fight with Him and prevail (Genesis 32: 24-28). The Most High will change your name to that of a conqueror, because He desires to give you eternal happiness. Will you give Him that joy?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares       

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Lord of abundant joy! We want to reach the state of mind in which we rejoice in You, without caring about what is happening around us. Fill our hearts with Your satisfaction, and our strength will be great.

We must always remember Your direction and say that we will not fear, even though the evil attack seems real. In fact, only Your hand in action is real. We rebuke the evils sent by the devil.

We are grateful that You reveal us what we need to rejoice. This can only be done with what You declare to have accomplished in our favor. This will give us assurance, and then our strength will be great. Let us Love you more and more!


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