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But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.. 2 Timothy 4:5

In this verse, the apostle Paul gave important directions to Christians, who are New Testament ministers. It doesn’t matter what God has in store for us to do; we were chosen to announce the benefits purchased by Jesus on our behalf. Therefore, we must be prepared to carry out effectively the mission given by the Lord.

Sobriety is necessary for you not to scandalize the lost and the saved. It is not necessary to invent anything, not even to give an opinion on God’s plan for each person, but to minister the revelations of the Word. From the moment of your salvation – having repented of your sins and being baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit – you could already be an instrument in the Lord’s hands.

To be sober means not to cause scandal and to have wisdom in the way of dressing, speaking and announcing the blessings brought by Christ. Of course, everyone must wait until the growth in faith is evident and the experience of being used by God allows them to act as representatives of Heaven. Until that happens, collaborate with the Most High, going through the most diverse tests with His permission.

Whoever does not learn to be sober, as soon as he reaches a position, can get lost. Now, if a person has no roots in Christ, the enemy will urge him to no longer submit to those whom God has placed in leadership. In the Lord’s service, we will never reach maturity if we consider that we do not need the example of those who were prepared before us. A good dose of respect for leaders will lead us to taste more of Heaven.

Often, our cross seems heavy and we believe that we have not received due recognition, because, after all, we are able to walk alone. Now, this is serious, and that feeling does not come from the Father. The greatest leaders of the divine work have never refused to listen to good advice. The independence of these immatures in the faith is proof that they need to face greater trials.

A promising ministry is corrupted by haste, so we must understand: the more we work in God’s field, the less we consider ourselves prepared. The feeling that something is missing in us puts us at the feet of Whoever has all the wisdom. Therefore, avoid listening to the suggestions of others before starting a work. One day, we will be before the Lord, and what will we say if we do not let Him direct our lives in everything?

Your title doesn’t matter; do the work of an evangelist. The important thing is to obey what was commanded without paying attention to the applause and advice of men. The Lord does not work early or late, but teaches everyone who wants to be a servant how to proceed in all situations. Whoever is approved today will be used by God in the future!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our ministry! The work is not ours, and we are grateful for it. It is a privilege to be under Your direction, for it teaches us to proceed in all things. We want to be close to You.

Look at those who start looking for You now. The road is long, and they need to be patient and good students, lest the enemy deceive them, leading them to despise You and Your teaching. Without You, they can do nothing, not even want something!

It gives sobriety and capacity to each one. Thus, they will suffer the afflictions and be approved. May everyone do the work of an evangelist and do not run away from the opportunities and tests they will experience, avoiding murmuring and condemning whoever was used to test them. Hallelujah!


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