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17/10/2020 - BEFORE THE LORD

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I will walk before the Lord In the land of the living. Psalm 116:9

In this message, we will see how we can walk before the Lord. With the help of the Holy Spirit, this will help us greatly to remain steadfast in our faith in Christ. To walk before God is to live under the light of the revelation of the Word. Thus, we become invincible when facing any evil.

Jesus delivered our soul from death – Satan´s nature -, our eyes from tears and our feet from falling. Now, we must sustain the freedom that we received in Christ, walking in dignity and being lords over everything that happens around us for the glory of the Almighty. Thus, God will be honored and glorified by those who know us or will hear about His deeds in our favor. The Savior is beautiful!

In order to walk before the Most High, we must never forget who we were before the Lord’s victory on the cross, when, alone, He went down to Hell and faced Satan, taking from him the keys of death and Hell (Revelation 1:18). Now, nothing else can make us suffer what Jesus suffered – pains, illnesses, transgressions, iniquities and the punishment that served to bring us peace. We are completely free from all evil. Glories to Him!

There is no longer any reason for tears in our eyes, sadness in our soul, frustration in our spirit and any other affliction whatsoever. Our goal must be the deliverance of misfortunes, because that is what Christ gave Himself for us (Galatians 5:1). This means that we must prioritize the freedom that cost Him such a high price. Undoubtedly, when we refuse any evil, we please the Lord.

At all times, we must be prepared to never transgress, knowing that our feet have already been freed from falling. By resisting any temptation, we not only get rid of sin and  separation from God, but we also preserve the Kingdom of Heaven from any scandal. One of the biggest mistakes is to do something that dishonors the divine work. Undoubtedly, the Almighty is ready to help those who are being tempted, so that they do not lose their salvation nor fall into condemnation.

Whoever strives and obeys what the Lord has said will discover that he has His power  and the necessary help to win the battles. Take seriously the revelation that He delivered you from Satan´s nature. We will never have to live regretting the “bad luck” of having works of the devil in all places. We are free to live worthily, being called children of God.

Whoever decides to live free from the actions of the kingdom of darkness will find this easy to do. You just need to determine that and not accept any temptation. Salvation in Jesus is real. Therefore, never let sin enter your heart. It must be kept pure and holy for God to use it for His glory. His project about you is beautiful and powerful; therefore, make it the goal of your life. Amen?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of the land of the living! It is good to know that we can walk before You continuously, doing Your work and sharing with those in need the love with which You have loved us. Thus, we truly please You!

We are no longer influenced by the enemy´s nature, but walk freely and holy in the streets. We want to exhale the fragrance of Christ wherever we go. With that, we will show everyone that it is worth following You. Thank You for your grace!

Our tears must be only of joy. Our feet are firm on the Rock; thus, we will not stumble. The disastrous fall will no longer occur on our way to Heaven. We await the day of final redemption to enter Your Kingdom!


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