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And He called the twelve to Himself, and began to send them out two by two, and gave them power over unclean spirits. Mark 6.7

With the resistance of the Nazarenes, Jesus started sending His disciples to the cities where He was to go, sending them two by two. At first, He made six pairs of apostles to precede Him. Then He made 35 pairs of evangelists and sent them out to do the work that He Himself was doing. No one is sent by the Lord other than to perform the same works He did in His days here. The mission is the same for everyone!

The 12 were told to go two by two, with specific orders on how to proceed: to lead the people to repentance. Then, when the church was built up in Jerusalem, others would teach them about what accompanies the new birth and receiving the virtue of the Holy Spirit, who would descend on those who believe. Then that community would experience divine power over the faith of those who listened to the ministry of the Word. God has not changed His ways!

Like a good Teacher, Jesus taught about what they should preach, how to pray for the sick, and act in the homes that opened up to give them lodging and food. With their arrival in any home, blessings would come. But when they were not received, even the dust of their feet should be shaken off as a negative testimony to those who had the audacity not to surrender to the divine plan (Matthew 10.14).

God’s envoys have a huge responsibility: they cannot act outside the Word, for they bring life or death to all. Those who receive the Lord’s call are saved, but those who harden their hearts and reject life, continue on their way to be bound to darkness. If these envoys do not do the work as they have been told, they can be held guilty for the loss that many will suffer (Ezekiel 33.8). Watch and pray!

Jesus knew that His sojourn among sinners was crucial for both the saved and the lost. Jonah was prepared to go to Nineveh, capital of Assyria, in order to rescue that city of more than 120,000 souls. However, he decided to abandon the mission and was swallowed by a great fish, staying inside it for three days. He prayed and said “yes” to God; then, that aquatic animal was ordered to vomit the prophet onto the beach. Then the messenger saved that city (Jonah 1-3)!

God’s effort to open the eyes of the wicked to find salvation in Jesus, which includes forgiveness of their sins, healing from their infirmities, and deliverance from all forms of Satan’s oppression, is immense. One cannot fail to give those in need the opportunity to be rescued. This work is what touches the Father’s heart the most. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves to do His holy will. The faithful will be rewarded!

Every disciple of Jesus receives power from On High over unclean spirits and all sorts of evil (Luke 10.19). Men of God are instructed to represent the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. So, if you know how to proceed, why not start now to fulfill the Lord’s command? Make up your mind!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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Lord of eternal missions! From the day you saw Adam and Eve hiding among the trees of Paradise, You had a great plan to redeem those who were lost, and You began to execute it. Jesus paid for our redemption with His life!

We have to go to the four corners of the world preaching the Truth to the people, telling them that the high price has been paid and everyone can be saved in the twinkling of an eye. When they convert, there is a celebration in Heaven for every one of them. It is beautiful to be part of Your group!

May we go everywhere as representatives of Your Kingdom, speak of the Gospel, lead the lost to salvation, and see, after the prayer, healings and deliverances being done. Your love will move us not to despise any people. Thank You, Father!


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