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not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock. 1 Peter 5:3

Every shepherd must know that he must set an example to the Lord’s flock, for undoubtedly this servant will be called to answer for what he has done for those whom the Father has entrusted to him. No divine power will lack over the lives of those who choose to do the heavenly will and are ready to protect the people. Therefore, excuses will not be accepted at Judgment Day, so it is not good to act carelessly!

Jesus told the Father He had not lost any of those whom He had entrusted to Him, except the son of perdition (John 17:12). You will not be guilty if you spend time in prayer, pleading for those who are weak or have not yet matured in faith, and therefore err. No one can do beyond the strength God gives you, but He will require from your hand anyone you have not delivered from the “wolf.”

We are not responsible for those who, without reason, decide to follow the path of evil, towards doom. However, we will be held responsible if we do not warn them or intercede for them with the Almighty or if we stop forgiving them. Even if we forgive someone 490 times a day, if we stop doing that before God´s tells us, we will allow the kingdom of darkness to triumph over that person.

By saying that we can´t have dominion over His inheritance, the Lord makes us understand that we´re His servants, and so we must learn from Him to care for it. Once children are God’s inheritance, we need to give them more attention because they can’t differ between good and evil, nor can they call upon the Father to claim their rights. The Most High will strengthen the pastors who really act as such.

The people are not to be manipulated by anybody; they are the Lord´s precious sheep. Therefore, we must be at His feet, seeking the messages that will heal the sheep and give them the necessary power to live worthily before God. The unfaithful shepherds and the unstable in faith will not care of their sheep as the Father requires. Therefore, they will not be rewarded with the crown of righteousness, which the righteous Judge will give (2 Timothy 4: 8).

Be very careful! The ruthless leader will find a thousand reasons to use the Lord’s inheritance for his own benefit. Then every time the wolf comes, he will forsake the flock and do as he desires. But when he comes before the Judge of eternity, he will see how much he lost and will suffer for being negligent. What you do for the Kingdom of Heaven must come from the Most High. He loves those who love Him (Proverbs 8:17).

To shepherd is to take care of the flock, leading it to the green pastures, to the calm waters, where it will be refreshed for the sake of the Name of the Lord (Psalms 23.2,3). Shepherding is an act of love to be shown to the heavenly Father. If we do this recklessly, we will show Him the way we treat Him. See how you have exercised your ministry.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Mighty God! You placed great responsibility in our hands! Therefore we fear and tremble before You, for none of the sheep can get lost. But why haven´t we been more at Your feet if in order to fulfill our mission?

One of Your guidelines is not to have dominion over Your inheritance. Nothing can lead us to think differently. One day, the real purpose in our deeds will be shown. Mercy, Lord, lest we be accused of anything bad!

From now on, with Your help, we will serve as an example to the flock. Forgive us when we act wrong. From now on, Your love will move us to do what pleases You. Guide us every step, word and action!


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