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Therefore, when He had risen from the dead, His disciples remembered that He had said this to them; and they believed the Scripture and the word which Jesus had said. John 2.22

There is no greater folly than for man to not believe in the Word sent by God, for it comes invested with power to do what it announces.  In the past, when the people did not trust in the Lord, besides having displeased Him, they suffered consequences for this decision.  Talking to man, the Most High was merciful and seeking to help.  However, if he does not believe he will lose the chance of having Him move in his favor.

If you do not understand what God tells you, do not close your heart and do not say that His words make no sense.  Just pray about it.  Then one day you will understand their meaning, for certainly therein lies your special blessing.  When I was young, reading that a certain king had done all that was expected of him, but he had not removed the high places (1 Kings 15:14) I did not understand the reprimand.  So I started to pray.  One day, while driving my car I understood what the Lord wanted to tell me.

In those days, mainly in Rio de Janeiro, we were working an intense campaign for spiritual deliverance, for that city seemed to be turning into one big sorcery and witchcraft territory.  Then, when I understood, I received the great blessing and told the following to the pastor who was standing beside me: “Many preachers did everything in their calling, but the people continue to delve in witchcraft.  We have to close these places that are dedicated to the devil.”

While I delivered individuals obsessed by evil spirits, I called to the head demon of the places these people attended and he came as if he was the commander of the situation, saying that he was strong and didn’t have to obey me.  In the name of Jesus I declared and affirmed that all were bound and before expelling them, I prohibited them from returning, declaring that their places of rituals of perdition were closed from then on and so it happened 

So if you do not understand what the Most High is showing you, just pray and wait for Him.  When the understanding is reached, act accordingly.  Jews and Jesus’ disciples did not understand that the temple was the body of Christ.  But they did not feel that the Word of the Master made sense.  However, when the Savior rose on the third day, they believed in what He had said. 

The Word is like God. No matter how well we know a particular verse, one day, the Most High can use it to make us know His will.  There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed (Matthew 10:26), or promised that will not be fulfilled.  Therefore, it is good to observe all that is revealed to you.  Once you understand something, lay hold and claim it at that moment. No matter how many years go by the Lord will never forget one of His words or promises. 

They that believe in the Word believe in the Truth.  When you know the Truth, you are set free (John 8:32).  There is no power, philosophy or force from Hell or from man that can come against it and prevail over the Word.  The Truth delivers, heals and solves mankind’s problems.  The Truth will always prevail.  Nothing and nobody else can come against it and prevail.

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Father!  The Israelites had to walk for 40 years in the desert because they did not believe the Truth.  When Jesus came personally to fulfill the work of salvation, they did not believe and this made them be expelled from their land and they suffered greatly!

Some of them are awakening and in a short while the world will see that the Scriptures are real! As they wake up from the sleep that keeps them away from their promises, they will be used by You more than any other people in any other time.  Let this day come!

When we learn that we have the power to bind Satan and expel demons, the world will learn and know the power in the Name of Jesus and will be totally converted in their hearts. Then we will see Your hand perform in our days the same as the primitive Christians saw. May all the Glory be unto You!


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