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But if you still do wickedly, you shall be swept away, both you and your king. 1 Samuel 12:25

Man may fulfill his plans, but if he does not seek the Savior, he will be lost eternally.  Jesus’ victory on Calvary benefits all those who believe in His sacrifice.  Those who neglect Christ’s favor will regret later.  To enjoy happiness now and always, you must believe in the Word of God, and in His love, sturdy in faith.

Many people like the dissolute life of the past, and even though belonging to Jesus they still continue to want it.  When  the King of kings returns, they will see that this choice led them to eternal perdition, However, all those that truly are converted, practicing the Word, will rejoice at the second coming of the Lord and will enter the Kingdom prepared for those who work for the good.  Each one of your choices will be in consideration for your eternal destiny.

In this verse being studied, the Lord uses the words still do to teach us a lesson.  When we sin, our consciences cry out and we feel bad.  Some however, give little credit to this and continue to practice evil. Certainly it is obvious that these people do not want to perish.  Many say that God is good and would never do such a thing to them.  However it is not He who casts them into Hell, but their iniquities.

Why live disregarding divine direction and have a sad end, if you can be delivered free from the bonds of sin? The ones who do not truly convert with all their heart, and fall constantly to temptations, will only have eternal suffering. Those who consciously insist on committing sin are headed for perdition and punishments. Search yourself now and see if you have been deceived by the enemy.  There is only one way to be saved: surrender your life to the Lord. 

God foreknew that Saul would do something condemnable – that warning was real.  Those who pay attention to temptations are headed in the direction of sin, and this happens even when the sinner confesses but does not resist or correct their path.  Those who sin and to avoid condemnation confess only part of the sin are harboring another demon in their heart – the demon of lies – and as deep calls unto deep, they will certainly fall.

Do not follow the king or his master, but the Only one who is the Truth, the Lord Jesus.  Those who show satisfaction when their leaders do something wrong, and obtain profit for their country or company, participate in that error, and although they may strive to follow the Savior, they will not be able to.  Sin must always be condemned.  Those who agree with the sins of a relative, friend or superior, when tempted will fall prey to the devil. 

In 2 Timothy, Paul the Apostle spoke of Demas, one of his aides who made a wrong decision, because he chose to follow the world and neglected the work of God.  Certainly this man did not repent and has spent more than two thousand years lamenting his choice (2 Timothy 4:9,10).  What use is it to gain the whole world and lose the soul, or to enjoy filthy pleasures and be forever lost?

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Counselor God!  Thank You for exhorting us! If we take them seriously we will avoid eternal suffering.  It was good to accept Jesus, and to be converted to Him; this way the kingdom of evil will not catch us and we will truly serve You in holiness.

We want to persevere, to seek Your face and know the Truth more and more, which will guide us to a painless eternity, at Your side.  How can we open the eyes of our relatives and friends, who walk towards perdition, good Master?

Free us from the madness of sin, in order that we may know You better and be fulfilled through faith in Jesus. That we may never exchange Your orders for the lies placed by the devil in the mouths of the lost, who say there is no harm in sin.  We want to succeed always. Help us, Father!


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