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Who keeps our soul among the living, And does not allow our feet to be moved.                                                                                                                    Psalm 66:9

What God says is pure, true and with no trace of malice or evil, and we should always trust in Him.  The revelation given us by the heavenly Father comes in the exact measure of power we receive from Him; so we have to obey Him.  However, when we do not obey God’s commands, we show no love for Him, and therefore He cannot love us – make good on His promises to us. 

Everything that the Lord makes us understand brings with it various divine and eternal purposes, besides enlightening us so we are not deceived by the enemy.  The Most High uses this method to sustain the lives of our souls.  Those who are depressed certainly have not given attention to the Omnipotent.  On hearing the Almighty, put His words into action because when He does reveal something to us He is ready to move that into action.  Halleluiah!

His instruction for us to praise His Name is for our good.  As we do this, our inner being is strengthened and we can defeat the adversary, as well as bring to existence that which is nonexistent (Romans 4:17). God’s voice elevates us to such a high spiritual level, we can face the forces of Hell and win!  Those to whom the Word is directed are called by the All Powerful as gods (John 10:35).  How the Lord is good, isn’t He?

As Father, He always wants the best for us; to this end, He leads us to understand His Word. Because everything He sends us comes with the necessary power to carry out His desire.  Sufficient it is to believe in the Lord to taste the best in life.  Therefore, having understood God’s purpose in light of the Scriptures, call this revelation to existence.  This way you will become stronger and better than the evil that troubles you. The recipe works!

Another important factor:  The Lord does not consent that our feet be moved – that our intentions are not carried out – or that we are defeated.  However, we have to maintain His teachings in sight and on target.  Try to know the pleasant good and perfect will of the Lord and set out to be a winner.  There is no way for the devil to keep you from being happy, if God has already shown you the way to happiness. To the Father be the glory!

 When we see someone stumbling in their faith, or suffering any sort of evil, we can be certain that this person is lacking contact with the Lord. Often times, we become religious, followers of human rules, but we do not give the due attention to what the Omnipotent tells us.  It is very important to always declare in the face of any challenge: That God may always be True and every man a liar (Romans 3:4). There is no way to be true denying the Lord.

How wonderful is the Lord! Let us therefore meditate on the Word.  After all there is eternal life in it and it also testifies of Jesus and us as well.  You will not grow in your spiritual life if you do not believe in the Scriptures.  Be careful not to be deceived by the devil by ignoring the Word in which there is life.

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Protector! Give us the necessary hunger for Truth, to feed and to strengthen us constantly.  Being strong and prepared we will do as You order, and fulfill Your desires.

Thank You for sustaining our soul; this way we can serve You night and day.  Then Your hand will not be idle towards us, for, as we determine what You inform us, You will enter into battle, so we can overcome the crisis that makes us suffer.

You do all this so that our feet – the purposes we set for ourselves – are not out of Your plans.  Then Your heart will be glad, and You will give us Your strength.  There is no way we can be defeated by the enemy, if wee obey You.


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