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And fifty men of the sons of the prophets went and stood facing them at a distance, while the two of them stood by the Jordan. 2 Kings 2.7

The Jordan River was a difficulty for Elijah, if he looked at the natural side of things, and it would be for Elisha as well. Someone might argue that the Lord would not stop the river, since they could swim across it. But divine power stopped it from flowing, so that they could cross it without any problem. Elijah followed God’s direction, and everyone saw the waters split into two parts.

Fifty candidates for workers, who were learning from the prophets, went to see Elijah’s transfer . This event was unique, and they would never miss such a phenomenon. Likewise, we should participate in the events that take place in church services. This will teach us a lot about how, one day, we will do God’s will. But, unfortunately, many saved people don’t do this! 

Every person Jesus sent to preach the Gospel was prepared by Him. Nothing needs to be improved in the Scriptures; in them, the Lord forges us. If God does not answer our requests, we cannot blame Him. Surely, we lack consecration, or we have ignored His teachings. That is why we are not answered as the servants of the past were (Psalms 66:18). Why don’t we get the same answers?

The sons of the prophets stopped and from a distance, watched Elijah and Elisha by the Jordan. It is important for God’s servants to have courage. Our Father has not given us the spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1.7). Therefore, be sure that He will always honor His Word. The Father of lights will never fail in His works. He is faithful and cannot deny Himself (2 Timothy 2.13).

The hearts of those men must have been beating fast. They would see what they thought was impossible: the opening of the river. God will do whatever is good for His children to fulfill His commands. Just as Jesus rebuked the wind and the sea, we can rebuke, in His Name, any adversity. No cloak had ever operated anything like it. However, for the second time, the Jordan was opened. The first happened at the conquest of Canaan (Joshua 3.14-16).

The sons of the prophets were wise. Because they were not invited, it was best to stay away. The prophet and his apprentice could have some private conversation, which no one should hear. Still, they witnessed Elijah’s moment being taken. We should act prudently in everything; thus, we will not be rebuked. Apart from what they talked about and what is in the Bible, we know nothing.

That was a golden opportunity! They saw Elijah’s transfer to Heaven. This blessing was not promised to all who believe in the Lord. But those who believe in Christ Jesus and are faithful until the end, being alive at His return, will receive it too (1 Thessalonians 4.15-18). Either way, we should thank God for loving us and giving us salvation, which will never be taken away from us.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord who breaks down obstacles! You have given us the prudence not to overstep the limits in anything. Thus, we will be accepted everywhere, including those who walk closest to You.

The 50 men saw Elijah and Elisha near the river, which, at that moment, seemed to be an obstacle for both of them. This scene makes us realize that Your servants know the time and the hour to use Your power, so as not to get wet!

May we know how to use Your power for Your glory! Your servants wanted to exalt You for having worked in favor of Elijah until the final moment. The faithful of today can expect something similar from You, provided they use Your name and power!


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