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Surely their valiant ones shall cry outside, The ambassadors of peace shall weep bitterly. Isaiah 33:7

The Lord will never forsake His people. Although the Israelites had sinned, the Most High strove to bring them back to communion, for, being love, He did not want to see them under the clutches of the enemy. The same is true today with those who strayed and left the sheepfold for houses of prostitution and sin. Those who return to God will be accepted as His children.

Assyrian barbarians have developed tremendous military capabilities to the point that no people are a match for them. In their cruelty, they disrespected the treaties signed by them and furiously slaughtered those who did not submit to them. It seemed that his kingdom would never end; but when divine justice came into play, they saw the weight of the Lord’s hand, as in Sennacherib’s siege of Jerusalem. God is faithful in everything!

Isaiah was not afraid to prophesy against such cruel dominators. The prophet did not even repent of a single word, because he spoke from God and, therefore, what he had said would come to light. When we hear the Word and believe in it, we can consider the work done, even if it seems impossible. Every word from Heaven will be realized, because the Almighty never fails.

At one point, the brave Assyrian warriors began to cry in public. What they feared most occurred: their “invincible” country was defeated. The devil’s dominion was represented by these merciless people, but Jesus went alone in his nest and overcame him, stripping him of the stolen authority from Adam, with which he made us suffer. There is no way to be taken back to satanic captivity; we are free in Christ!

The messengers of peace – indeed, treacherous ones – wept in bitter and final disappointment. This evil kingdom was never heard of again, and it did not keep its promise. In the same way, the enemy’s captivity is over. We are not and will not be prisoners of hellish wickedness, as we are free to live the freedom for which the Son of God has delivered us (Gal 5.1). There is no more submission to the evil one.

Who knew that invincible kingdom would collapse! Now, what is not built on the Rock will be destroyed forever. There is no way the devil can arrest us again. We have life with an abundance of goods and power to give God the true place in our lives. Old things have passed, and everything has become new for those who accept Jesus as their Savior (2 Cor 5.17). We will never be oppressed again!

Jesus told us to watch and pray that we would not be tempted. When the Christian least expects it, someone in whom he trusted proves that God is always right in declaring that cursed is the man who trusts in man (Jer 17.5). We must trust only the Lord, because He will not fail us with His Word. Trust, live and stay free!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our victory! The Assyrians thought they were the best, and their empire seemed to have no end. But You weighed what they did, and the fatal sentence came. The people who did not respect You lost the battle and are no longer afraid.

What a beautiful scene it was for those who saw the brave Assyrian warriors cry in public. No one can challenge you and still stand. Today, our struggle is against principalities, powers, princes of darkness and spiritual hosts of evil.

We wait for Christ's return, when we will go up to be with Him permanently. Then there will never be tears of pain or frustration again. We give you glory for what you have done and will do for us. Thank you, Lord!


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