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20/02/2022 - CALEB’S SON-IN-LAW

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And Othniel the son of Kenaz, Caleb’s younger brother, took it; so he gave him his daughter Achsah as wife. Judges 1.13

With each victory, Judah was filled with encouragement, for it was evident that they were fighting the Lord’s fight. These warriors knew that the Almighty was going with them to protect them, even though there were giants to be defeated, as happened at Hebron. For them, total triumph would be obtained from battle to battle, because the Most High summoned them and commanded them to fight until they possessed all the territory assigned to them. We must do it in the same way!

After smiting the giants of Hebron, the pride of the city, and taking control of it, the sons of Jacob set out against the inhabitants of Debir. That land had been given to Caleb, one of the 12 spies who returned with the Good News (Numbers 13:30). Caleb proposed a challenge to the warring men of Judah, stating that the one who took Debir could marry his daughter Achsah – which means “anklet” (Joshua 15.16). He was known to the rest of Israel, for at 85 years old, he felt 40 years old, as he did when he left Egypt (Joshua 14:10,11).

Captain Othniel, Caleb’s nephew, took this proposal seriously and carried it out, becoming the son-in-law of the one who didn’t care about the big guys in Hebron. We will talk more about Othniel later on, because God used him in a wonderful way to lead His people. The servants of the Most High, with integrity and a winning disposition, will achieve the victory.

The Lord’s chosen ones need not fear tomorrow, for the Ranger of Israel will never abandon them in the struggles of life. Even if everything turns against them, God will not fail to fulfill His Word. Jesus is committed to being our Refuge, our Strength and our very present Help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1). Never be impressed by anything, for only what God says deserves credit.

Our Creator has foreknowledge; therefore, He knows what will happen to us until the end of our life. He has given us deliverance from any snare devised by the enemy to bind us. We should never mind the devil’s threats, because he lost the battle to the Messiah, and such victory was put on our account. The Son of God did not need to overcome he who is already defeated.

The battles we have to fight will be led by God, and all of them will be lessons to be learned. After all, the Almighty will never leave us nor forsake us. Don’t let fear or any other evil tool intimidate you. The Lord will always work in your favor with love and mercy. Those who believe in Him will not be ashamed!

Lift up your head and see how much you have been loved by the Lord. However, to overcome adversity, it is necessary to assume what God declares about you. Don’t try to buy divine favor or pay for the benefit that has been given to you, for that would offend the Father’s kind heart. Even if everything says there is no way for you to get rid of a problem, pray, and God will act (Luke 1:37). Amen!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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Lord of victory and reward! There are many examples where You reward those who trust in You. So we ask You to use us in Your work, for we want to make You happy by doing good works!

When the Israelites understood that they were to take over the Promised Land, they were under Your guidance. By saying that Judah should go up first, You had already made these people defeat the enemy and be living proof that Your guidance is worth following. 

We desire to learn more and more from the Scriptures, to walk hand in hand with You, doing Your work in the lives of those who cannot even differentiate between good and evil. With Your help, we will fulfill Your will. You are beautiful!


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