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Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.”  John5:8

From the first word spoken to begin the creation of the world, all that was spoken by the Lord came into existence. It is good to pay attention to this detail, because when God speaks, things happen. His Word is Jesus (John 1:14), who came into the world and did the work as the Father had commanded Him. Christ declared, Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away (Matt. 24:35); therefore, He watches over His promises, that they may all be fulfilled. He who loves the Lord loves the Word.

God’s first statement was: Let there be light (Gen. 1: 3b), and it came into existence. In this way, He saw that it was good what He had done. Remember the first word of the Gospel sent by the Most High to your heart, which enlightened you, and understand that He has not changed at all and will never change His will in relation to your life. The divine message may have come to you through a song, testimony, or Bible verse and caught your attention. That word has the power to transform you.

Jesus asked the paralytic by the pool of Bethesda if he wanted to be healthy. Instead of answering yes or no, the man began to complain, saying that no one helped him into the pool when the waters were choppy, and so another sick person came before him and was healed. The Lord looked upon him and commanded him; Then the paralytic understood how to act. So, as if by magic, after 38 years, he was completely healed.

The Master’s Three Orders Rise, take your bed, and walk anda had the power to work in that sick man’s life. Similarly, it occurs with other determinations of the Lord. He himself says, Thus shall the word come out of my mouth; she will not return to me empty; Rather, he will do as he pleases me, and prosper in what I sent him (Isa 55:11). Failure to receive the divine message will guarantee the devil’s victory when you would be blessed. Be careful not to miss Heavenly Father’s gifts.

Arise was the beginning of the release of the sick. Today everyone must rise from the chair of failure. Since Adam’s sin, man has been plagued by problems. Now no one will obtain divine favor if he is mourning his fate or making requests contrary to the Holy Book. Therefore, the first attitude is to go to church; then pay attention to the preaching of the Word and read the Bible.

After getting up, the man took his bed. Until then, he had been lying there complaining about his misfortune or the fact that others were able to walk and do other things. This only worsened their situation, for with crying come the murmurings, accusations, and other actions that take their mind, heart, and mouth. In fact, the bed is for night rest. Those who are well need to take care of life instead of crying over spilled milk. Watch and pray!

Finally, Jesus told him to walk. After the miracle, man should turn his life around and bring the good news to his own. Friend, the Savior also wants to see you healed, able to do your business, and go to the temple to praise God. The man, who obeyed Jesus and was glad to have received the healing, paid no attention to the fact that it was Saturday. After all, he understood that the Lord was greater than the Law. Hallelujah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father who determines the cure! That man was healed from evil completely by the power of Thy Word. When it is sent to us, we see Your beautiful operations. You are more than we think. You are God, the only Lord!

According to Jesus, we are able to do the same works that He has done. We can heal those who have suffered as long as we are directed and strengthened by You. To do so, we must learn to live as Your servants.

The wicked expect us to assume our authority and deliver them from sin and eternal perdition. Many who desire and need to be healed seek Your help in getting rid of evil. Prepare us and use them to Your glory!


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