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“Come now, and let us reason together,” says the Lord, though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool.  Isaiah 1.18

The Creator invites anyone who is interested to reason with Him. All will come to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with Him. On the contrary, God has the solution to man’s problems. By examining Him, the individual will understand the harm the devil does to those who do not open themselves to the Truth. The enemy knows that the person who finds the Truth will never be led astray by his lies. No matter how much you have erred, when you repent of your evil ways and accept Jesus as your Savior, you will be saved.

Because of Adam’s sin, man was born under the yoke of darkness, so he fears the devil and resists the Spirit of God. While still a child, a person begins to speak lies, but what they learn from the Lord will help them to never again live their life by the wrong things. The saved which are in trouble need to get right with the Most High to take away the sins they have committed and confess them. Then, they will no longer be afflicted (1 John 1.9).

The prayer of reasoning with the Lord is a biblical orientation, so we can do it without any fear of offending Him. Abraham did it, when he argued with the Almighty, saying that the damascene butler would be his heir, since he had no son (Genesis 15.2). But that servant would not be Abraham’s heir, but rather – his descendant. Of course, the patriarch told Sarah about the divine promise, and his wife, realizing the impossibility of bearing a child, induced him to have a relationship with Hagar (read Genesis 16). Mercy!

Abraham was soon shown that his heir would be the child to be begotten by Sarah. Her guidance to her husband did not come from the Lord, who appeared to him and told him that the error was not in Him: When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am ·God Almighty; Obey, walk before me and · do what is right (Genesis 17.1). At that time, Ishmael, Hagar’s son, was 13 years old.

For the Lord to operate, it is not necessary to rush in and act wrongly, for the ends will never justify the means. We must do two things: walk in His presence and be perfect. Perhaps some of my readers are in error, doing what God’s Word condemns, but even if their sins are like scarlet, red with so much filth, the Lord promises to make them white as snow.

Although these mistakes are quite glaring, when you are forgiven, you become as white as wool. In other words, the cleansing performed by the Lord in our hearts is of such magnitude that the extreme filthiness is taken away and transformed into extreme holiness. However, if you do not surrender before the Truth, the Word, you will continue to be dominated by the power of darkness, and then you will not be admitted into Heaven (Matthew 22.10.14). Is this what you want?

In the next verse of Isaiah 1, the Lord promises that, if we are willing and obedient, we will eat the best of the Gospel. Our attitude toward the statements of the Word will make all the difference. Failing to seek our rights in Christ will deprive us of the best that God has for us, His servants.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God! Reasoning with You to learn our rights in Christ gives us the power to glorify You in our lives. Do not stop doing in us what is necessary to change us completely, and Your promise will be fulfilled!

We cannot live with little action of Your Spirit in us, for we see the biblical examples and want to do our best to live by Your side and enjoy the anointing You give to those You have delivered from sin. We want to praise and glorify Your Name!

Teach us and guide us on the way forward. We don´t agree to serve the devil in any way. We are Yours to do Your will until the end; then we will rest in our fate. You are more than what we have ever heard about You!


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