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Preserve me, O God, for in You I put my trust.  Psalm 16:1

The first and only condition to obtain from the Lord His favor is to trust in Him, even in spite of very difficult circumstances, without solution, to gain deliverance from evil.  No doubt, God will put those who seek Him and serve Him to the test, as He did to our brothers in the past and in suit those who declared to have trust in Him.  You had better believe this: proof precedes promotions!

Abraham understood that in the Lord he could be happy and successful, therefore proceeded to seek Him.  Hearing the voice of God, this servant heeded Him. It was difficult to leave the family of origin, friends and land and go to somewhere that was yet to be shown to him.  It is necessary to listen to the voice proceeding from the Word, when we read or hear it being preached.  When God tests, He wants to approve who was tested!

In Egypt, Abraham saw Pharaoh take his wife Sara to be wed.  What a trial! The patriarch believed that God would preserve his wife, and he was right.  Sometime later, Abimelech, King of Gerar, did the same with Sarah.  However, the Lord told this king he would die because she was already married. Returning her, the king, trying to justify himself to Abraham said that he had acted unknowingly when doing so.  Abraham prayed for him (Genesis 20)!

Abraham’s covenant with the Almighty would preserve him from any and all evil, and God honored him.  Those who are in alliance with the Lord will be preserved, as well as their house.  However, beware: those who stray from the Law of God will be abandoned and will not be duly preserved.  This indicates that some evil might occur to one of theirs.  Live close to God, assisted by Him:I love those who love me. (Proverbs 8:17a)

The young Hebrew that served in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon, decided not to bow to the golden statue of the king, which he had had made in order to be adored by all.  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to obey the king and when the time came, they saw the crowds of people bow to the terrible idol.  These young men did not bow to or give praise to the Babylonian rules.  Consequently they had to be put to the test of the furnace (Daniel 3)!

Joseph, son of Jacob, later to be called as Joseph of Egypt, did not give in to temptation of Potiphar´s wife, his master, and was falsely accused of having forced her (Genesis 39).  Accordingly he was sentenced to jail for this crime, but God interceded and he left jail to be the prime minister of the nation.  Those that bow before   demons and practice evil will be burned; however, the righteous will be preserved in safely.  Stay alert and do not give into temptation!

Those who trust in the Almighty will be placed in high refuge, will be the strongest on Earth and will not stumble.  The faithful man is always rewarded by the Just in every sense of the word.  The Lord must be given praise and adoration, but the demons must be burned with the fire received from Heaven!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh Father, our keeper! One cannot understand why other people prefer not to give You the lordship of their lives.  When the devil attacks, they soon run to You in desperation.

Those who trust in You do not fear the furnace heated seven times more than normal and in their moment of trial and tribulation know that You will walk in the fire with them. They will not change their faith, no matter how hard the trial may be. 

We want to be in covenant with You, firm in faith and ready to walk victoriously no matter what the situation or trial, for You are our God and stronger than all threats from Hell.  This way we will never falter or waver. 


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