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But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into.  Matthew 24:43

One of the most important things we can do in the Gospel is to consider everything that the Lord makes us understand. After all, if these things were trivial, He would let us discover them for ourselves. If we do not pay attention to what God shows us, He will not warn us about other things, because He will not be despised again. Why should we ignore the One who fulfills His promises in the lives of all who believe?

When you fulfill the Most High’s commandments, you start to understand more clearly the things you need so that the divine power operates in your favor. The lack of understanding makes even the most consecrated to become victims of the evil power. Then, even though they do their best, they do not achieve their desired deliverance. However, once you know what must be done and put it into practice, you annul all the work of the devil in your life.

We must do like the father of a family, who is concerned about their safety. Do not let your ears open to the enemy, because if you are not careful with this instrument of revelation, you will become confused. Once you are in a confusion, you will find out that the evil one is more malicious and dangerous than what people say. Answer what God says and pray about it. After you do the work, you and your relatives will be blessed. Amen?

The thief mentioned by Jesus is the demon that likes to work at night, when the divine light is not operating. We must all be watchful, because if the light of the Lord does not shine in your life, the evil one will definitely come. Since we do not know what time he will come, we must always be watchful. If we do so, he will not be successful in his attacks. After all, those who trust in God are like those who lock down their house with proper precaution.

Those who are not watchful allow their homes to be broken in. To be watchful is to believe in what is said by the Word and claim it with the certainty that God will not fail. At the enemy’s first sign, rebuke him with strength and conviction, knowing that your authority in Christ gives you power to rebuke him and undo what he has done. Once we are set free by Jesus, we will never be Satan’s preys, unless we do not believe in the Scriptures.

Do not be afraid to resist the evil one, for he has already been defeated and put under your feet to be crushed whenever God desires. Christ’s authority given to you is infinitely greater than the power of the devil that oppresses people. Do not give back to the devil the power that has been taken from him. Be firm in what the heavenly Father guides you, and face the oppression to defeat it. Everyone who is saved has been made more than a conqueror over the works and desires of evil.

Do not despise anything that the Holy Spirit makes you understand through the Word; do like Mary did, who checked everything that she listened about Jesus. Do not allow the devil to enter in your house and oppress your relatives. Consider what is revealed to you as something that belongs to you, for this pleases the Lord. Those who believe have a solution!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our Keeper! We do not have to live concerned with the devil’s plans against our lives and families. We have been given power to end any evil operation, therefore, we will be victorious against his attacks in the Name of Jesus.

It does not matter what time he will come. After all, since we are watching and praying, our doors are already closed to him. As it is written in Your Word, the doors that Jesus closes will not be opened by anyone, and if we close them in His name they will not be opened either. 

Thank You for having defeated the devil for us. Therefore, now, we can close our house. Thus, even if Satan wants to enter in our homes to do us any harm, in the Name of Jesus we paralyze him, for faith is our victory!


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