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And Hamor and Shechem his son came to the gate of their city, and spoke with the men of their city, saying…     Genesis 34.20

The prince and his father were jubilant. With the promise of Jacob’s sons, they could go on with their lives, for nothing bad would happen to them. However, both they and the inhabitants of that land would have to be circumcised so that the races would be mixed. So, Hamor and the prince went to convince their people to accept such a proposal. Only Dinah’s brothers spoke deceitfully, because they planned to avenge the evil that their sister had suffered at the hands of Shechem.

Not only did Shechem abuse Dinah, but he also wanted her to be his property, because he had possessed her. As sure as the sun rises every day, that would not be all right only with circumcision. However, since the tightness in Hamor and Shechem’s hearts was great, they hurried to gather their people together to submit them to this ritual. It is likely that some were reluctant to comply with such a request; however, the explanations of the leader of the city must have comforted them, and so they said yes.

As the days passed, seeing that Jacob’s daughter was different from the others in his land, the prince fell in love with her and wanted to do things accordingly, by marrying her. Thus, all the terror that befell him would have never happened. There was one issue to be solved: Shechem had stained the honor of the family heir to God’s blessings. Whoever does the will of the devil makes the worst decision of their life.

The Hivite people were among those whom Jacob’s sons would dislodge because of their sins, so such a marriage could not happen. The prince brought a curse on his own, but that will be seen later. Before harming anyone, the bandit must remember that he is being used by the evil one. The payment will be very high for his audacity. We can never be Satan’s servants (John 8.44).

Don’t insist that God give you what you think is best. Jesus is the Truth, the Fountain that never runs dry, and the Love that never ends. He is the only One who knows what is good for your life, so serve Him from now on, and be truly happy. Let divine power work in you effectively, and then you will have the crown of life on the final Day (James 1.12). Resist the devil; otherwise, he will destroy you. Watch and pray!

By following the commandments, you stay within the real will of God and become one with Him. The devil will tempt you to do what he wants and not what the Lord has planned. Satan wants to see you excluded from eternal salvation. Be firm in the One who has conquered death and Hell, and don’t be a failure in the hands of the eternal loser. Your days on Earth will determine your days in Heaven. Be a beloved of the Father!

To submit to God is to surrender to the statements of Scripture. Then you will be exalted as a true servant of the Most High. The errors of those who rebel against God’s precepts will cause them to spend eternity away from love and happiness. By being faithful to the Lord now and always, you will only profit!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! To deliver his son of some evil, Hamor went to all the men in his town to ask them to be circumcised, not wanting to know the reason for such an institution. For him, this was simply the dowry requested by Jacob's sons. Mercy!

Hamor and Shechem were bearers of good news for which they didn't even bother to ask for an explanation. We have seen people go to church wanting to "convert" so that they can get married. Now, they need a genuine conversion, done by You.

The Hivite prince and his father convinced their people. We, too, can preach to people anywhere, so that they will convert; after all, our motive is more just. The price of redemption for the lost has been paid by Jesus. Help us to lead them to Heaven by Your Spirit!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
(Genesis 11:23)


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