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A sound heart is life to the body, But envy is rottenness to the bones. Proverbs 14:30

When the Bible speaks from the heart, it refers to our spirit, which, because of Adam and Eve´s sin, was separated from God, and therefore has various infirmities that originally would not have. Many of them are known as personality deviations. When we are born again, our spirit is recreated, but if we do not take hold of the biblical promises, we will continue with these deviations.

Individuals who have not learned to get rid of spirit illnesses have such reflected in their body. When we discover that we are new creatures – old things pass away and everything becomes new (2 Corinthians 5:17) – our body begins to get rid of the works of the enemy, which has sickened it. It is necessary to put an end to wicked works, and not accept their return. After all, our deliverance was a real act!

Many people have fallen into so many sins that they have become sick from head to toe. But with biblical understanding, they are truly free. You must always meditate on the Psalms and the Gospels so that your heart will be strengthened and over time your body will not suffer. God’s Word is like medicine: it cures all evil!

If the body is not doing well, you can be sure that the spirit is worse. Each should check whether, after accepting Jesus as Savior, he continues to hate those who have harmed them in the past. Now, being a new creature, we cannot allow hatred, or another satanic work, to dominate within us. We are free to give true praise to He who set us free. He who is in Christ has been recreated.

One of the worst things that oppress people, and doesn’t come out if they don’t take a stand, is envy. This feeling can rot your spiritual side, which is the biggest of your being. If your structure is rotten, you become paralyzed in life and become a person who will always give in to enemy attacks. Is this happening to you? Resist and free yourself!

Make a self-evaluation! If you have a grudge against someone, it will surely end your health. Do you envy someone else because you think you can be as successful as they are? If so, your moral structure is rotten and so you cannot change your life. Do not believe in the failure that the devil insists on saying is normal for some people. Cry out your independence!

The new birth is real. If you still have the same moral weaknesses as in the past, you really need to convert. Seek to understand the divine plan by accepting Jesus as your Savior and Lord. So cast out every evil that insists on enslaving you. Become a new creature in Christ now.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our infallible Guide! When we give our lives to Jesus, we do it with faith. Therefore, we do not accept that old and new sins dominate us again. Nothing can continue to oppress us!

We want our heart healthy. So we ask You to guide us in the Truth. The flaws of the past are in the past. We have been forgiven of our sins, and by faith and in Your love old things no longer exist!

Now, with the spirit enlightened and anointed by You, we have the authority to cast out evil spirits and their temptations. We will never again be oppressed by the devil. Thanks!


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