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Then Saul, still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord, went to the high pries. Acts 9:1

The death of the first martyr of the Christian Church did not quench the devil’s desire to end the work of God, which was beginning to take its first steps, but it served as a trigger for the persecution to become even more fierce. However, our God is vigilant and ready to defend His children, thus, they will never be defeated. Stephen’s death was the way the Most High set aside to be glorified. The Lord is always good!

Saul of Tarsus was a member of a group of Judaism called Pharisees. Today, that term is somewhat disparaging, but in those days, it was almost a compliment to be called that. The hatred in his heart made him breathe out threats and deaths against Christ’s disciples. Saul was the one who consented that Stephen, the first martyr of Christianity, be killed.

Driven by the desire to eliminate from the face of the earth the faith in Jesus, which he considered apostasy, Saul of Tarsus addressed the high priest. His desire to terminate the Gospel was very strong, for he believed it was a threat to the blindness of Judaism which had no divine guidance. However, he did not know that that would be his last trip as a persecutor of the Lord’s work. Those who try to obstruct the preaching of the Gospel without knowing it will undoubtedly convert. Halleluiah!

It does not matter who is behind the desire to prevent the lost from knowing the Truth; they will change their minds when they come to hear the message of Christ. As for us, we are not to pray for the death of those who persecute God’s work, but pray for their life. After all, whoever acts against the Lord is already dead, separated from Him. However, when they meet the Church Builder, they will no longer do evil, but will become a champion of the faith. Pray!

The Church is completely wrong when it brings the battle to the natural field. We are not to fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, princes of darkness and spiritual hosts of wickedness (Ephesians 6:12). If we fail to do our duty, we prove that we do not love the Lord, thus, remaining outside the divine plan. Mercy!

When Saul addressed the high priest, he was already under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. He didn’t know, but on his trip to Damascus, his life would change forever. Saul would go as a persecutor, but would return as a worshiper. After all, Stephen’s blood cried out from the earth for the forgiveness he had asked the Lord to his executioners, and Saul was one of them. The chief of sinners can become the chief servant.

Surrender your worries and your opponents over to the God who forgives and transforms lives. He is love, and, so, when you ask that your enemy not be blamed for the evil he inflicted upon you, you will be answered. How about exchanging your loss for the forgiveness of the one who caused it? Thus, you will be remembered in the presence of the Father. Love and pray!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Protector! The church in Jerusalem did not pray for You to kill Your persecutors, but to save them. Therefore, You were able to save Saul and give him the ministry of suffering for the Truth. Be praised, Father!

Would it be of any use for the high priest to give letters to Saul to harm Your people, if You are love and were ready to protect Yours and save the persecutor? The Splendor blinded him, and the Savior's still and calm voice convinced and converted him. Thank you!

I beg for this person who read this message. She has some doubts concerning the things that the lost speak of the Gospel and, in her sincerity, she also said what she shouldn't. Come with Your love and give her the salvation she so longs for!


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