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You have made him a little lower than the angels; You have crowned him with glory and honor, And set him over the works of Your hands. Hebrews 2:7

The Most High meant to make a being in His image and likeness. So He planned how this being would be, what he should have in his body, how he would be sustained and healed in case of weakness or illness. Then He prepared the “home” where he would live, created oxygen, water and food, and whatever else was needed. When all was ready, the Lord made us from the dust of the earth.

However, in the first test, the human being fell, and the devil entered the world, bringing destruction. From that moment on, man became dominated by the forces of darkness and by harmful desires; therefore, he lost his prerogatives of being just, of walking with God and doing the divine will on Earth. As a consequence, he was expelled from paradise and became evil and the main target of the wicked one.

Before creating man, the Most High created the angels, who would have missions to perform on our behalf. Who commands them is the Lord, by the voice of His Word. They are ordained to minister on behalf of those who will inherit salvation. When we ordain, we give voice to the Word, and thus we are answered. We were made a little lower than these heavenly messengers, but when we accepted Jesus as Savior, we became sons and heirs of God and witnesses to Christ.

We do not have to give orders to the angels, because they obey the Word, and not us. As we understand the Scriptures, we can and should give voice to the promise revealed to us by confessing what it says about our lives or by rebuking the oppressive force of Hell. Those who worship the angels act contrary to the Holy Text, and this is very dangerous.

The Creator crowned man with glory and honor, enabling him able to discern good and evil and represent God Himself. Symbolically, humans were given power to dominate: the birds of the air (demons in the parable of the sower), the fish of the sea (the water symbolizes the Word) and the beings that do the work of the Kingdom and the animals that move on the earth – microscopic lives. In the fall, man lost all of this!

Because we were born again, we were included in many blessings. The moment Jesus was vivified and resurrected, so were we along with Him. Next, we were seated in the heavenly regions in Christ. Therefore, we can rebuke every evil that strikes us, demanding its exit in the Name of Jesus. If we believe, nothing else will oppress us. This faith will deliver us from the hands of the accuser.

The Lord has set us over the works of His hands. All creation is under the power that the Father has given us. But do not let vanity enter your heart and never consider yourself superior to others. The Bible is clear in saying that we will die as men. Receive Jesus as Savior and live with joy.

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Wise Planner! What a privilege we have attained having been formed in Your image and likeness! We were forgiven through the death of Jesus, being justified, acquitted and anointed to serve You.

We must forget what men have said about us and seek what You say, because, as the Master said, the Scriptures testify of Him and of us. We are all that Christ did for us on Calvary. Thus, there is no barrier separating us from You.

May we learn to use our rights in Christ - the power to bind the forces of evil and show the world that it is worth belonging to You, doing Your will, and truly loving You. Raise us up to deliver the oppressed!


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