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12/03/2023 - DANGER IN SIGHT

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Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.   1 John 2.15

There is great danger when a Christian begins to enjoy movies with non-Christian concepts, without the anointing of Heaven. The same thing happens with songs that praise sin or disdain our faith and morality. They are produced by those who live in error and have turned away from the Light. They approach the position in which they may be lost. However, the love of the Lord will convince them, so that they will repent and receive forgiveness (2 Timothy 2.24-26).

Many people claim to be saved, but worldliness does not leave their minds. They are always thinking about the things of the flesh, when they are not practicing what the Bible condemns. Why would a child of God indulge himself in practices disapproved by the Father? Whoever gives in to the anathema will receive the fate of Achan, who coveted the Babylonian cloak, the wedge of gold and a little silver, but then was lost (read Joshua 7).

Not to love the world is a heavenly command, but so is to love the lost. There are individuals who make a double mistake: they love the world and do nothing for the lost. Then, by spending their money on the things of the flesh and failing to cooperate with world evangelism, the person tells God that he doesn’t care about the divine prohibitions or His commands. Will he dwell in the Lord’s Home – Heaven? Surely his fate will be the lake of fire.

The cult of food is one of the major culprits of the morbid obesity that is spreading around the world. There are those who cannot even walk a little and do not realize that gluttony is responsible for the tragedy that has befallen them. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and must be treated as Heaven’s property; however, whoever defiles this dwelling will be destroyed by Him (1 Corinthians 3.17). Take the revelations of the Word seriously!

Many are in danger, because they despise the Bible and therefore will not enter God’s rest. To put it plainly: would you like to enter the devil’s torment or eternal rest? Your answer is: “Into eternal rest”. However, by neglecting your body, you may be left out. As for the Lord’s warning about gluttony, what will your attitude be? Will you continue to destroy your body, or will you change your life? (Galatians 5.22).

Those who love the world are neither healed nor used by God. There are preachers who don’t pray for the sick, because they know that they will never be answered. Don’t ever get to that point, where the demons will play spinning wheel in front of you. Make amends right now by going into prayer, confessing your sins, and asking the Lord to give you another chance. God will do this if you are honest with Him (Proverbs 28.13; 1 John 1.9).

The end of the verse is sad: The Father’s love is not in him. I would do anything not to lose that love. This means that He will fulfill the promises. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so decide to change your eternal destiny. Be strong and be holy, for the Lord will bless you.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Beloved Father! We do not desire to love the world, because we have been transported from Satan's kingdom to the kingdom of Jesus, Your beloved Son. Worldly glamour does not fascinate us, but Your holy work is our favorite!

Behind all that exists in the dark places of the earth is the devil's cunning, with his unbridled desires to lead us to perdition. We can't lose our way by any means.

We never give up Your love. Thus, we purge the thoughts that lead us into the arms of the enemy. We have been saved to go all the way, loving You and serving You as You say in Your Word. Amen!


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