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11/07/2018 - DEATH IN THE POT

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Then they served it to the men to eat. Now it happened, as they were eating the stew, that they cried out and said, “Man of God, there is death in the pot!” And they could not eat it. 2 Kings 4: 40

Elisha’s return to Gilgal came at a difficult time. He had received a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. When he arrived, he saw hunger in that land; then he told his servant to cook for the disciples. One of them, going out on the field to pick up herbs, took some leaves from a wild creeper and put them in the pan, unaware that they were poisonous. The wrong person in the wrong place does not work!

Someone unfamiliar with field plants should not have been sent because he put the life of the entire group at risk. This can happen in any activity, as well as in matters concerning God. Without knowing the job well, the person can do what seems to be simple to them and bring suffering to others. Only those who handle a subject well can help others. In the Lord’s work, no one can lead unless they have the proper anointing.

After the food was ready, they gave it to the men, and when the men tasted they shouted that there was death in the pot. What would happen to them if they had eaten that food? Without medical resources, many would have died. If the food was poisoned, what would they eat? In any situation, the servant of God must seek the divine direction to solve problems.

There are violent places where you can not send workers to evangelize. But will we disobey the Master’s command? Will we leave those poor souls without hearing the Word of salvation? Now, whoever has been called to lead this work must decide where and when to evangelize and who to send because there is death in those violent streets. But with the guidance of the Lord, this leader will find the right flour to disable the work of the devil.

The workers should submit themselves to the pastor, and this, to the state and national direction of the church. If he sends people without the necessary training and at the wrong time, many difficulties will arise, and they will probably be victims of violence. God knows what He does and whom He prepares for specific missions. Therefore, there is nothing to fear if we have the right instruction. When we follow the heavenly guidance, we are victorious.

A leader cannot send missionaries to a violent area, where another is successful. If the Most High did not prepare His workers to work among people without the least respect for the life of others, and greed is the reason why one was sent, then that leader will be held accountable for the damages that his people suffer, for he did not obey the Word.

After the defeat of the principalities that dominated that area, the Lord will send other groups so that nothing of the harvest is lost. Never work competing with others, but, as responsible servants, seek the guidance of God. After all, the work belongs to Him!

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the harvest! On that day in Gilgal, many could have lost their lives. The man who harvested the poisonous herb brought death to the others. This teaches us that we cannot use anyone, even for a simple task.

Lift up men that are bold, who will go to the dangerous fields, having been prepared by You to do good to those who live in crime and vices. They have to be saved!

May the leaders not be carried away by envy, competition or other faults that the enemy inserts and causes to grow in the hearts of many saints. We need to be Your co-workers and not agents without direction and anointing. Help Us!


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