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I called on the Lord in distress; The Lord answered me and set me in a broad place.  Psalm 118:5

We know that we will go through moments of anguish in this world, in which it seems that God has forsaken us, despite being Jesus’ disciples. However, He warned us about this by exhorting us to have peace (John 16:33). The psalmist learned the secret to get rid of trouble: call on the Lord. This means praying with inner contrition, focusing with faith on the promise that guarantees divine deliverance. Cry out to Him!

When you feel restless, don’t let the devil complete the temptation in your life and come out victorious. Just follow the Lord’s guidance (Psalm 50:15) and rest in the peace He has given. The Word declares that no weapon forged against the servants of God will prosper (Isaiah 54:17). Nothing will defeat us if we join our forces and pray the prayer of faith. When you feel tormented, call on God and consider the work done. He will deliver you, and you will glorify him!

We must pray to the Father when we feel we are being afflicted. Now, Christ rescued us so that experience true freedom (Galatians 5:1). Therefore, we must never allow the enemy to act in our lives again. In the moment of pain, connect with the Lord and pray to Him with all your strength, demanding all evil to leave at that very moment. After that, the secret is to believe you have been heard. Praise God!

Praying without faith, or acting without confidence, is the same as confessing that your opponent is stronger than you. Remember what is written: Jesus has given us power over wicked works, and nothing will harm us (Mark 16:17, 18). If you feel inferior, your opponent will defeat you, because you are not paying enough attention to what the Most High says about your position as His servant. The Father will never place you in disadvantage!

Never allow the tempter to draw you away from Jesus. Go into prayer, confessing your sins. Then, when you feel that you are being strengthened by the Lord, rebuke the evil that terrifies you and makes you suffer. At that moment, you will show whether or not you believe in God. The saved person does not have to fear evil attacks, but put the tempter in his place: under his feet. Of one thing you can be certain: the Heavenly Father will not abandon you!

Every time you do something according to the Word, in Jesus Name, trust, because the victory is already yours (John 14:13). Why would the Almighty not listen to you – but only the psalmist – if He is no respecter of persons? Christians – like Christ – often act as if they resemble the defeated one -  Satan. Mercy! You will not be defeated if you act in faith.

Besides listening to us, the Lord places us in a wide place, in complete freedom. He not only relieves us of the burdens (sufferings, worries, pains, injustices, etc.), but also leads us to a relevant spiritual position. Thus, no harm can reach our life. With Jesus, freedom is real and everlasting.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, the One who delivers from anguish! The Gospel is different from religions and the difficulties in which people live without faith in Christ. In Your Kingdom, there is freedom to think and love You. Father, meet our needs. You are wonderful!

We want to receive more capacity from You. Thus, we will show the lost world how much better and more productive it is to live by Your side, to live with Your Spirit and carry out Your work with freedom and holiness. We drink the water that truly quenches us!

There is a huge difference between our past life without salvation and the one we live with You today. Today we belong to Christ and we are steadfast in Your Word. Thank You for listening to us and delivering us from difficulties!


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