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Depart from me, you evildoers, for I will keep the commandments of my God! Psalm 119.115

The psalmist found out how much bad companies affect a servant of God, so he was determined not to be next to someone who could influence him towards the wrong path. Every person that has a good purpose in life must take the same attitude. However, it is evident that the servants of the Lord should not break up their friendship with evildoers. If they did so, how could evildoers be convinced to leave their sin and be converted?

When someone lives in sin, he surrenders completely to the devil.  In fact, we can all transgress, but those who belong to God seek repentance and stop doing what is condemned by the Word. The secret is to depart from those people, and if they seek you, ask for wisdom to speak according to the Scriptures. If some people accept what you speak, they will seek to make things right with the Lord and will change their way of living.

Some people do not want to abandon sin and do good. Most of the times, they do not assume their way of living, because of the demons in their hearts. Thus, they do not even feel that what they do is sinful. Therefore, with wisdom, we can be used by the Most High in order to destroy the evil action in these lives. Then, once freed of the demons, these people will repent and be truly set free.

There is no way a person can resist the invitation to come to Jesus if the person who invites them is filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom. Then, what is most important is to seek for baptism in the Holy Spirit and ask for understanding. When Phillip went to Samaria, he had great success in that city because of the anointing that was upon him. However, at the same time, Philip knew that it was necessary to announce only Christ, and thus, he needed to believe in order for the divine power to use him.

The reason why we cannot have communion with evildoers is that if we take into consideration their advice and do what they do, we will not be able to keep God’s commandments. His precepts are not only prohibitions and orders that we should follow, but they are good instructions. If we fulfil them, we will be not only rewarded, but also equipped with wisdom for our daily lives.

Those who manage to execute the Lord’s orders learn and become wise. Thus, they know how to act if they face an attack from the enemy. In fact, the Christian will only be defeated if he does not know how to act before the threats from hell. After we are enlightened, it becomes easy to bear witness of Jesus and of the great salvation that He accomplished in our favor.

Choose to listen to God and choose to live. If you do so, you will never stumble again. The devil cannot block the path of those who have the Holy Spirit and the divine guidance in all matters. Keep the Most High’s commandments and seek to know them. Undoubtedly, you will be someone special to the Lord.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the commandments! We do not want to escape to any place in order to avoid Your commandments. Your orders must be esteemed in first place in our lives. We want to become wise and intelligent.

Allow us to know Your precepts and keep them. Then, there will be nothing that will separate us from Your love. How will we face the enemy if today we are far from You? Our hearts must be open for Your Spirit to dwell. Help us to love You.

May the evildoers depart from us, but if any of them can be saved, may they be close to us.  We want them to approach and see how much You have done for us and will do for them. We will not give up honoring and serving You. Grant us Your mercy!


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