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Then I said, “Ah, Lord God! Surely You have greatly deceived this people and Jerusalem, Saying, ‘You shall have peace,’ Whereas the sword reaches to the heart. Jeremiah 4:10

It´s not good to judge God’s actions. After all, without understanding His holiness, no one can say that He made a mistake or not. Speaking without knowing the details or examining any subject well can lead us to defend one who is wrong and  condemn one who is right. Judah did not give the Almighty any confidence, but they heard some who taught that the temple in Jerusalem was the reason for them not being punished.

Now, salvation is personal, and everyone should be aware of it. He who does not live in the presence of God is unlikely to do what pleases Him. Therefore, he will be in an unfavorable position. Then, when the sentence is against you, you will not think twice before pleading not guilty. So it was with Job, who fought all the time, but understood the reason for being oppressed, because what he feared came over him. Fear opens the door to the devil!

Judgment came not only because of what happened in those days, but because  God´s people had turned away from the Lord. When that happens, many bad situations arise. As soon as the fear of God leaves a person, the unclean spirits attack them with such voracity. Then, bribes, adultery and false prophets are accepted as normal. We have seen this happen in our days, haven’t we?

In a melancholy tone, the prophet declared that, truly, the Lord had brought illusion to the people of Judah, promising peace, but the sword penetrated even his soul. He did not say this to the Most High, but to the people, who believed in the false prophecies that nothing bad would happen to them. It was a sarcastic way of saying that they were completely wrong, since they believed in liars and irresponsible sycophants, not in the Lord.

Spiritual blindness had overtaken Judah, who would now be visited by the god of Babylon, in the figure of Nebuchadnezzar, its greatest servant. That hellish entity arose to give due punishment to those who despised the true God. Those who turn away from the Lord and believe in any demon that claims to be god will pay a high price. It is more than proven: there is only one God.

After doing the Israelites so many good things, how could the Creator deceive His beloved people? Never! Unfortunately, we have seen people who never believe in the Lord nor seek Him as the Scriptures teach. Then, when a family member falls ill, they come to us or say a prayer without faith. Even though they do not expect the relative to be healed, they will blame the Lord if he dies.

Those who took note of Jeremiah’s words knew that they referred to the deviation of God’s people. The prophet had condemned the Israelite’s’ error several times. Because Shiloh served as a protection for his ancestors, that did not mean that the temple would protect them from Babylonian invasion. Mercy!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Sovereign and true Lord! We have been foolish for not listening to You. As a result, we suffer so much because of the enemy's attacks on our life and family. Father, we need to get right with You in everything. Help us!

You would never deceive anyone. However, since the Israelites believed in the illusion, You allowed the enemy to enslave them, lest the remnant be destroyed forever. Those who sinned paid a very high price. Mercy!

Deliver us from captivity, from the clutches of the merciless evil, and bring us to Your comfort. What man gives us is worthless, but what comes from You will free us from the powers of evil. You are and will always be our one true God. Amen!


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