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Immediately He made His disciples get into the boat and go before Him to the other side, to Bethsaida, while He sent the multitude away.  Mark 6.45

That day would go into history, when the Master took five loaves and two small fish and multiplied them so that five thousand men, besides women and children, ate of them at will. The boy must have received a large amount of what he had given to the Lord – just as it happens to everything that we give back to God – taking back home twelve baskets of the blessed food, broken by Jesus himself.

An unusual event occurred at the end of that blessed meeting, when Christ told the disciples to enter the boat and to pass on ahead of Him to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. Why did He do this? Why could not they wait for Jesus, if they could also be useful to Him? There are certain decisions of God that we will only understand when we are in Heaven, but all of His decisions have His guidance.  

When the Lord gives you a command, even though you do not understand or know how to fulfill it, just obey, for He gives you the conditions to carry it out. Jesus stayed in that place until the last person left and He certainly had to bless many who needed healing or deliverance. Our God surprises us by revealing our potential in Him.

According to what the Word says, there must have been a small refusal on the part of the disciples to get on the boat, because the text says that the Master made them. Sometimes with us there are also some (not a few) confusions, for the workers want to be with us all the time. If we send them home, many will say that they will not leave until we have gone away. Some even follow us to the front door of the hotel where we are staying.

The concern of various workers with our safety surprises us; these beloved brothers think that their presence next to us serves as protection, which in some cases is true. However, the Son of God did not need anyone to keep Him. Christ is the Keeper of all who have faith in Him. Afterwards, He wanted to spend a good time in prayer in the presence of the Father. He always knows what He says and what He wants to do!

There would be surprise in the sea, because suddenly a strong contrary wind arose, which prevented the navigators from advancing towards Bethsaida. It was a long journey, for the Savior must have prayed for almost nine hours. God knew that the wind would blow on the Sea of Galilee, bothering those travelers. But that was proof that they had learned the lessons Jesus had given them.

The deep teaching has remained for us, because we often triumph in the work. However, there are unprecedented problems that happen to us or with the workers, and we do not know who to appeal to. Of course we should ask for help to the One who directed us to carry out His will. He will promptly come to help us.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our God! Why do we have to go through some setbacks, if nothing that comes from the enemy can reach our dwelling? We want Your presence to be with us in those moments. We cannot fail nor disobey You!

Jesus! What a lesson You gave us when You only stayed behind to bid farewell to the crowd! Everything You do is so important and teaches us a lot. This way, we know how to act in favor of people. May we follow Your example and love!

The wind that was blowing against them would not let them reach the other side. They wasted long rowing hour rowing, and they did not advance After some time , they must have been tired, exhausted, but when Jesus got on the boat, they advanced, for the wind had stopped. Halleluiah!!


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