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Moreover by them Your servant is warned, and in keeping them there is great reward. Psalm 19.11

Examining God’s deeds in the world, as they are revealed in Scripture, fills us with faith, power, and joy. The Lord is perfect in His actions. His commandments give wisdom, and His judgments teach that we do not have to beg for blessings. As His children, we are the holders of the gifts purchased by Jesus in His death. The Gospel is different from religions; it is the Good News that the world seeks and finds only in Christ (Romans 1.17).

The Gospel is the Perfect Law of Freedom that leads anyone overcome by temptations to break out of the devil’s prison and walk freely anywhere (James 1.25). One of the roles of the Good News is to refresh people’s souls, one hundred percent of success; after all, it gives everyone deliverance. What we feel when we hear the Word is God’s testimony, which is true. He is faithful and gives wisdom to those who need it (Psalm 19.7).

The rules laid down in the Scriptures do not bend to help some person who thinks he is doing something wrong. Many, because they are part of the Body of Christ, think they are privileged and that nothing will stop them from acting outside the biblical prohibitions. But the Lord will never ratify such an attitude. God’s rules do not condone any evil or deceive anyone. They are all righteous and gladden our hearts (Psalm 19.8). Be vigilant!

The divine commandments are pure. He who keeps them has his eyes enlightened, to perceive when the slightest deviation occurs on his part. In fact, the one who practices the Word will only fall if he lets the devil deceive him. People with fame or beauty will meet him, as if they were “angels”, but the spirits accompanying them are evil. Those who get into trouble stop loving the One who is their Shield.

Is there fear of God within you? If so, you will stand firm in faith and holiness. If not, it is a matter of days before you sin, and the only remedy is to confess your transgression and ask for mercy. He who plays with fire will be burned. The prudent person seeks to get rid of any bad feelings; otherwise, they will offend the Lord. The heavenly Father makes us sense when we are going astray.

You have been given respect for God to guard you during your journey on Earth, but the evil one will do everything to enchant you with his false and dangerous offers. Few can truly be of the Lord and receive a solution and deliverance in the hour of trial (Psalm 91.9-15). Don’t despise the Lord’s warnings that you feel in your spirit. Check to see if the enemy is surrounding your life. It is better to lose one of the members of the body than salvation (Mark 9.43-48).

Always seek divine judgments! They are your guarantee that you will be happy here and in eternity. Put away any doubt from your heart; after all, now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11.1). You need a good encounter with the Lord, and that will happen in prayer and meditation on the Word. Desire to get right with Him more than to be prosperous!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our salvation! We need to secure eternal life, which was given to us by Jesus. So, we confess the mistakes we have made in our souls and ask for Your help to let go of them all. We are eternally grateful!

We need to know the wonders You have done in us, without giving way to the adversary. We cannot live with two ways of thinking, for both love and faithfulness to You cannot be exchanged for anything.

Our life must be the radiance of Your grace. People will straighten their ways by reading Your living letters, which are us. We have been called to be blessings and to give You due praise. We need to be close to You. Amen!



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