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Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Matthew 9:37

God is in control of everything. When Jesus died and stripped the devil of the authority he had stolen from mankind in the fall of Adam, the operations of the evil kingdom were destroyed. Unless we give room and authority to the accuser, he can do nothing against us. Giving this news to people has to be our daily mission. Just as the Lord said, the harvest is indeed great, and it is up to each person saved to fulfill it! (Mark 16:15).

World evangelism needs billions of dollars to be carried out. This amount must come from those who have tasted God´s love and were lifted up to sustain the work. Many people have resources in abundance, and when they are reached and touched, the love for the Lord will make them cooperate. Others had nothing, but when they were born again, the Most High gave them prosperity and a desire to rescue the lost. There are those who have little, but help out a lot!

In many lives, a fact similar to that of the multiplication of loaves and fish occurs. Despite being little, the snack of a young boy caused five thousand men, besides women and children to be satisfied (Matthew 14:21). God wants the Church to do its part so that humanity can listen to the most unique and special Word in the world. This is the work of the Lord. He is in this work, and it is carried out in Him. The outcome of this endeavor is for the glory of the Father!

Those who use their faith to obey the command to Go will enjoy the Master’s attention at all times. They will be like the warriors of Gideon, who were taught by the Most High to drink water as the dogs do and defeated the Midianites who invaded the Promised Land (Judges 7: 6). The evangelization of the planet will be carried out by those instructed by God. Therefore, they are always guided by Him. Human plans are not worth anything in this task.

No matter the challenge; we will succeed in showing the Good News to our generation. God goes ahead of those who listen to His Word and set out to do what He has commanded. It is important that those who have been called to work on this sublime mission do not dirty themselves with illicit activities and also avoid sin. Fight in the Name of Jesus to keep yourself pure!

In His wisdom, the Lord has called people to carry out this great work! He will fulfill His will through those who say “yes” to His calling. We are His servants, not self-sufficient human masters who are striving to get more members into their church. We must be used by the Most High. Jesus gave us an example on how to do it!!

Prepare to yourself obey the ordinance God gave you. Remove all pride from your heart, as well as the desire to be recognized as the best, for that feeling is wicked. Be a servant at all times, and He will be the Lord in all things. All you must want is to be a servant in the right place at the right time. To Him be all glory!!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the eternal harvest! Your plan has included us, therefore, for this present time, You allowed us to come to the light. We cannot  cross our arms at such an important time  as the one we are living. If we do, millions of people will be lost!

We have a great responsability, for the harvest is enormous. With Your help, we are able to operate in Your Name, doing the work You have assigned us to do. With this, we will give our generation the good testimony of the Gospel. Halleluiah!

It does not matter if we are few, because, just like it happened with the five loaves and two small fish, we will give our generation the food it needs. Then on the Day of the Great Harvest, we will see how important it was just to be obedient servants!!


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