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 “The plan pleased me well; so I took twelve of your men, one man from each tribe.”  Deuteronomy 1.23

We don’t know the reason why Moses, a servant of God, listened to the heads of the tribes of Israel, who asked for spies to be sent in order to verify if Canaan was as the Lord had spoken. Their mistake was not giving credit to the Most High. When He declares that He will do something, he who has common sense assumes it as an accomplished work. He who doubts is wrong, for if he does not fulfill His command, he will never please the Father.

The Word is the Truth, and we should never worry about whether it is as the Creator said or not. After all, only what is right comes out of His mouth. When you understand the Scriptures, do as they instruct. Surely, God would not promise us something bad. He is complete and perfect in His doings. Therefore, our best decision is to obey His command.

We can never blame the man of God, but if we let the fearful suggest something to us, we will stumble, because to be fearful is not to be perfect in love (1 John 4.18). When He speaks, the wise keep His words in their hearts and act according to the power that comes with them. Now, everything that keeps you away from faith, and that includes living in fear, is a sin – even if it looks good. Only the Lord is righteous and true.

In those days, no one knew that the righteous had to walk by faith. The prophet Habakkuk was revealed this powerful principle, which should give us the initial impulse and accompany us during the process of receiving the blessing. By understanding the revelation, this servant of the Lord clarified this matter: Behold the proud, His soul is not upright in him; but the just shall live by his faith (Habakkuk 2.4). Faith comes to the upright soul!

Moses takes the blame, saying that the proposal made by the heads of the tribes of Israel seemed good to him. God said that he would take them to the Promised Land, thus, nobody should investigate whether this was right or not. They had to execute the divine command. How could the Lord deceive anyone, if He is the Truth? When the beginning is wrong, the end will be disastrous. Moses saw the people panic at the false news of the spies.

The great liberator took it upon himself to send the spies, saying that he himself had taken the 12 who would make up the group assigned to this mission. If it were a man who had promised something, there would be nothing wrong with examining it – if it was as it was said. However, to do this to the Lord is unacceptable! When God tells you something, believe it.

The Israelites did not believe God when He said that they should climb the mountains of the Amorites and possess their land, because He would act on their behalf as He had acted in Egypt. Pharaoh had to bow before the power that Moses demonstrated, during the execution of the ten plagues. The idea of the spies did not come from the Almighty, so the divine wrath led them to walk 40 years in the wilderness. Mercy!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Beloved God! The leaders of the tribes asked that it be ascertained, whether Your Word was trustworthy! The unbelief of those men made the Hebrews afraid. Therefore, they had to walk 40 years in the wilderness. We want to honor You always!

Caleb and Joshua stood firm as Your witnesses. We will trust only in what You have told us. We will not tolerate any evil forces acting in our lives. We will firmly rebuke the operations of the kingdom of darkness!

Whoever believes will never be confused, so we declare that we fear and praise You only. You are our Guide, so bad news will never rule us. We do not negotiate Your commands. We smply believe!


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