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‘Why have we fasted,’ they say, ‘and You have not seen? Why have we afflicted our souls, and You take no notice?’“In fact, in the day of your fast you find pleasure, And exploit all your laborers.  Isaiah 58.3

It is wrong to complain of the Lord, for He is good and perfect in His actions. He does everything right, in an exemplary way. When the Most High does not answer us, it is a sign that we are not fulfilling our part, which is to seek His will and determining its accomplishment. After all, we learn in the Word what belongs to us! Whoever murmurs against God acts foolishly!

The Most High blesses us when we act according to Scriptures. But if we are not blessed, our petition might not be in agreement with God’s will. The Holy Spirit guides us by the Word, to enjoy all things bestowed by the Almighty. Failing to go to the Holy Book and learn about God’s promises is a mistake many people make.

Fasting is not to be done to force the Lord to fulfill our desires, nor to negotiate our needs with Him, but to break our flesh and enable us to fulfill His plan. Many delude themselves into thinking that God has an obligation to help them by giving them everything they need. Now whoever thinks this has not learned it from the Bible, but from a weak mind. The Lord is more than a friend; He is trully a Father!

Again, I say: we need to understand the purpose of fasting. So be steadfast in what you learn from the Word and forget the teachings of man. God will work in us and through us only when we act according to the biblical recommendation. Fasting should rejoice our souls and enable us to use the power received from the Most High!

Here are two important things for those who fast: first, let go of your own desire and seek to know the Lord’s purpose. At first, confess your transgressions and as you learn from the Word of your rights, claim them and thank God for all that you will do from the consecration. After that, your strength in the Lord will do more and better than before. After weakening the flesh, you will be used!

The second is: We must give God the glory of what He will do for us, and not require payment because we have fasted. When the flesh is tamed, we feel free to fulfill the Father’s plan. Then darkness cannot resist our orders. He who frees himself from the flesh and his own desires becomes victorious in any situation. God never makes mistakes, but we do. Stay alert and pray!

Finally, we must believe in the guidance of Scriptures concerning fasting, not in what other people say. God’s power only works within the revelation of the Word. Therefore, when fasting, do not seek your own understanding or claim your work

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Sovereign and faithful God! We learn from Jesus that when the flesh gains dominion over our spirit, it is time to fast. Knowing this, we will do what You tell us and then we will have a just reason to start this moment.

We do not want to impress You with “sacrifices”, but to please You by being in communion with You. Teach us more and more; thus, we will please You with every consecration. We wish to rejoice our soul.

What should lead us to fasting is the pleasure of doing Your will and preparing us for Your operations in our lives. It is not our intention to ask for something in exchange for our fasting. We long to be Your fellow workers for Your glory!


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