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Then Abraham rebuked Abimelech because of a well of water which Abimelech’s servants had seized. Genesis 21:25

Abimelech, king of the philistines, was a powerful man.  He used doubtful and hidden methods to take from Abraham the well that God had given him to find the needed water.  On seeking out the patriarch to propose a peace pact, since he saw that God was blessing him in every way, Abraham reproached him.  Often times we have to be firm in our positions and attitudes, but also with wisdom, when challenged by others who seek to take advantage.

Because the king tried to reach a peace treaty, he showed that he was fearful of what might happen to him if Abraham took measures against him.  It is evident that the monarch’s shepherds did not use force to take over that well based on their own decision.  When looking at why his servants were unable to build their own wells, while Abraham’s shepherds were successful, the king felt he would have much to lose if Abraham decided to reclaim what was rightfully his.

Those who walk in communion with the Most High will always be victorious, as long as they are following His commands.  Word that spread throughout Egypt made everyone fear the man who was a friend of God. Later, Abraham sent Hagar and her son away into the desert with only bread and water (Genesis 21:14).  Her report stating that they did not die because the Lord heard the young boy’s plea, made Abimelech tremble in fear before the one who was blessed.

In the same manner, many will seek us with offers of indecent proposals, trying to take advantage in every way.  Now, if we are sought out we must ask for wisdom to “deal the cards”.  After all, if we have the blessing and walk in communion with God, on hearing Him, we must show through Hs words and deeds that the grace upon us was not given by chance. Certainly the Omniscient has a much larger purpose in having raised us up in these times.

Abimelech should have realized and understood he was not in the presence of someone like him and that Abraham was not like men that lie, but Abimelech was actually before God.  Pay attention to the lesson you will give to the lost concerning salvation and the position you must take and keep before all things.  If you accept shady or indecent offers, you will not have heavenly support when you need it.

Every servant of God must resist and flee from easy money, which is what the devil will offer.  The demon knows what will happen to us for serving the Lord and rushes to offer us pernicious proposals.  He did this with Jesus in the wilderness, after He had fasted 40 days and 40 nights, when he suggested that Jesus order the stones to be turned into bread, and the devil was immediately reproached (Matthew 4:1-4).  Later on, the Lord said he only acted according to what He saw the Father do.

The philistine king wanted a treaty for him and his descendants not to be troubled by Abraham.  The patriarch agreed to the treaty, but in God’s way.  It is good to live well by your neighbors, the “owners of the land”.  When we need something, praying and believing, we will be attended by one who is powerful to do more than we think or imagine.  

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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God who owns the blessing!  On that day, You used the one who had the blessing to favor one who thought he was the owner of the land.  Seeing Your grace upon Abraham, the king knew he would be lost if Your servant decided to recover what was his by right.

In our journey through South or North we will find and meet people who will envy us and seek us out to make their offers.  That like Abraham, Your servant, we may know how to serve You with wisdom and in fear.  We must know that we serve the Truth. 

That we may never refuse or disdain Your assistance!  In everything that happens to us, Your hand is always present and ready to work.  We must seize the opportunities and the blessings.  You have prepared us to show how valuable it is to fear You!


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