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19/10/2022 - DON’T MAKE GOD A LIAR

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He who believes in the Son of God has the witness in himself; he who does not believe God has made Him a liar, because he has not believed the testimony that God has given of His Son.  1 John 5.10

Among the revelations pointed out by this verse, we highlight two very powerful ones, capable of making us winners. The first one: we must have faith in Jesus in order to have the testimony. The second: if we don’t believe in God, we make Him a liar. These basic principles will lead us to live worthy lives. Those who trust in the Most High believe what He says about His Son, our Savior.

Christians cannot be afraid to say that Jesus is the Truth (Mark 8.38), because the Scriptures say so (John 14.6). The Father testifies of His Son, the Word, which frees man from oppression (John 17.17; 8.32). Everything comes through the understanding we receive from Heaven, and this makes the Lord glad. By faith, the ancients obtained testimonies that they pleased God (Hebrews 11:1,2). Believe!

I was six years old when I heard the Gospel for the first time. The pastor’s ministration entered my spirit like a nail, driving the Truth into my being. I accepted Jesus as my Savior that night and began to serve Him with all my heart. Since then, I am happy to say that I am saved and prepared for the physical death to be faced by all, because the spiritual one can no longer operate in me (John 5.24). I look forward to the Day of my Lord’s return!

I am not afraid, because since that blessed service – I am at the Lord’s disposal to fulfill the mission destined for me. There is nothing better than to live under the conviction given to those who put their trust in God. It’s good to be next to our Refuge and our Fortress, a very present Help in trials (Psalm 46.1). Whoever has God’s love is not afraid to preach the Good News and to do what pleases the Lord (2 Timothy 4.1,2).

Why make the Most High a liar, if we have the testimony? If we don’t confess what we believe, we will be the worst in the world. The testimony is paramount for those who are unaware of the spiritual reality. With Christ, we live well here on Earth, without worrying about tomorrow, because the Lord supplies our needs. It’s a pleasure to be under heavenly guidance. In my life, God is real. I believe and live in such faith!

Those who receive the testimony of the Most High are strengthened, but many don’t know that they can also obtain this virtue. We don’t act well when we discuss religion or think we are better than others. Now, the fact is that no doctrine outside of Christ can give man the assurance of eternal life. Only Jesus has this power, because He died and rose again for the sake of our justification. With Him we will live in Heaven. Hallelujah!

Take hold of what God shows you about His Son. When He speaks to your heart and you believe, salvation will reach you. Otherwise, your destiny will be eternal damnation. Beware! This cannot happen to you. Your redemption has been provided by Jesus. Receive Him and be saved!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Beloved God! Those who hear the preaching of the Word and believe in You pass from death to life. But those who despise You walk toward the lake of fire and brimstone. It has been good for me to know You and love You with all my heart!

Thank You for instructing us during the Bible sermons, absorbing what comes from You, so that we can be blessed by Your grace. Never stop insisting with us and showing us what we don't know. It is wonderful to be Your children!

We will never call You a liar. We want to know Your good will and what You desire to do in and for us. May the testimony remain in our hearts, so that we may escape from the hands of the enemy. Thank You for the victory won in Christ Jesus!



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