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25/05/2020 - DOUBLE CARE

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“Thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘I am zealous for Zion with great zeal; With great fervor I am zealous for her.’  Zeccheriah 8:2

For loving us, the Lord watches over us in an unimaginable way. He does not allow the enemy to touch us, but the accuser can tempt us. If we pay attention to Him, we will grieve our God, who will feel betrayed in His trust. The Most High expects you to please Him with your living. That way, He can work more in your behalf. As you seek the Father’s will in the Scriptures, you will see that He will keep you from evil.

In His care for us, the Lord shows us what it takes to be in His presence, avoiding the evil traps. However, if we forsake Him, He can do nothing for us and for us. Sad is the day when one of the saved decides to walk the crooked path, for the tempter will lead him in the paths of evil. Some who have made that decision will no longer return to the conviviality of the Most High and will remain estranged from Him for eternity!

The treatment of the Almighty given to us is like that of a newly married husband, who loves his wife with true love, urging her to the dangers of this world. But if there is a break in mutual trust, and the person who made a mistake does not repent or ask for forgiveness, his days will be dark. The only way to get back to living well as a respectful couple is by being honest.

Some came to Christ because of the pain they suffered; others were angry with God for not having their petitions answered. The Creator, however, can only answer us if they are made in faith according to the Scriptures, for without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11: 6). Before building a tower or starting a prayer, consider whether you can go all the way, ending your cry with the desired answer (Luke 14: 28-30).

Seeing us “dating” the devil — loving earthly and carnal things — the Lord shifts his treatment toward us so that we may see that our paths are of death. God does this before great indignation comes from Him, which will make us see how much it hurts to stay away from His presence. Away from God, you are close to the evil one.

Everything that the Most High does for us, or allows us to happen to us, has one goal: our eternal salvation. We do not accept Jesus just to be healed or to prosper. Our happiness is the divine target for us; being saved, he will show us his goodness and mercy. To live with the Father is to be prepared for posterity, and the other things concerning life and godliness will be added to us.

The wise praise the Lord for the love He bestows on them, both in good times and in bad times. If things are not going well for you, your conduct in the Gospel is incorrect. God cannot protect you from the works of the devil, for thus says the Word: Whom ye stand by servants to obey him, ye are servants of him whom ye obey (Rom. 6:16). Whose servant have you been? Think about it!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our beloved Master! Our unhappiness is evident when it seems that Your presence has left us and suffering has become part of our lives. We want to stand before You, but why do we feel abandoned?

We prefer Thy zeal, but because we do not seek Thee as we should, the enemy turns us away from Thee, and instead of repenting, we prefer to turn His warnings away. Treat us with mercy, for we are flesh and blood!

We do not desire to know Thy indignation, but Thy mercies. May your love teach us again; after all, you are the Master Teacher. Deliver us from evil, for Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Amen!


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