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Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain; and it did not rain on the land for three years and six months. James 5.17

Before He returned to Heaven, Jesus declared that in the world we would have afflictions, but He also assured us that He has overcome the world (John 16.33). No one had more enemies than the Son of God in His days on earth. He came from the Kingdom of perfection and taught us how to do the work as it needs to be done, and showed us how much the world can work on the Lord’s servants, if they allow it, leading them to live miserably-as if the divine promises were not true!

Elijah was not a superman, but a servant who took pleasure in doing the Lord’s work. That is why God took him to Himself in a whirlwind (2 Kings 2.11). In the same way, everyone should keep the Scriptures, carrying out the mission given to them. Those who do not follow the commandments prove that they do not love the Lord. Those who obey them, on the other hand, become servants – who are the joy of Heaven (John 14.21). Our surrender to God culminates in victory!

Elijah’s secret was the prayer of faith, and whoever does it – will also stand out as one who brings down fire from heaven. The world expects more from us, but that doesn’t come from the desires of our heart alone; we must strive to carry out God’s appointed task. Then we will see His hand answer our prayers. This does not mean that we will have to pray seven times, but in some cases, seventy times seven!

Today, the fire that comes down from on High is different from the one that came down with the prophet’s prayer of faith. He shut down heaven for three years and six months and destroyed anyone who stood in his way, but what Jesus sends destroys the operation of the kingdom of evil in people’s lives and brings them into God’s presence. That is the fire to be continually used. This way, the lost will be delivered from the clutches of the devil. The Lord is always faithful!

The man who shut heaven persevered in prayer until the answer came or God gave him another direction. So, we also need to be at the feet of Christ so that our impulses do not hinder the work of the Most High. To be connected in the Holy Spirit and available to be used is the secret that we must not give up, because the Lord has prepared us for this time. Don’t frustrate the divine plan!

If we want to be successful in our work, we have to cry out like this inhabitant of Gilead. After all, in our generation God’s purpose must continue to be fulfilled – under His guidance. Let’s study the biblical examples and meditate on them. Then we will receive the instructions to act with spiritual authority and do the Lord’s will. It doesn’t matter if the world says that science is the solution; God will manifest Himself, and that statement will fall flat!

Elijah did not attend a school of prophets, run by important “servants”, but he learned in the one where the Holy Spirit is the Director and Teacher. Under heavenly guidance, you will do as much or more than the other servants. If the Most High wants to use you, no one will stop Him (John 21.22). God is absolute in everything!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! Thank You for comforting us about Your will, so that the work is not done according to our heart but - according to Yours. We are servants under Your instruction. We can never do what we think is right, but what You command!

The servants of the past were just like us and lived under Your command, learning at Your feet. We also want to live that way, bringing our flesh into subjection to You. May we never be hasty, lest we sin!

Teach us to pray the prayer of faith - as it pleases You. Give us wisdom and prudence, for we want to obey You. If it takes our intervention in time and weather - use us - but let everything be done, according to Your will.


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