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03/04/2023 - EMPTY WORDS

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But she said to them, “Do not call me Naomi; call me Mara”, for the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me. Ruth 1.20

In her rebellion against God, who certainly forgave her, Naomi saw that the Lord sees more than man, so He does not take into account the words spoken when facing a crisis. He knows our structure, but because He loves us, He even calls us to do His work, knowing that we may falter (Psalm 103.14). But we have to prepare ourselves for the evil days, so that when they come, we will be faithful witnesses of the Most High (Revelation 2.13).

Naomi’s family ventured into a foreign nation with different laws, gods, and customs. Converts who decide to go to non-Christian countries begin to follow other laws and unwittingly also serve other gods. Such worldly customs will soon make them subjects of the kingdom of evil. It is not good to associate with those who are not of the kingdom of God, making them partners or spouses (2 Corinthians 6.14-18).

When she was called by her name, Naomi (which in the Hebrew language means “Pleasant”) showed the trauma she was carrying inside herself. So, she asked to be called Mara, a short name for “bitter.” Her mistake was to say that the Almighty caused her great bitterness. Now, God does not command anyone to go to one place or the other, nor to marry such a person. However, if we pray, He guides!

Until that day, little was known of God’s character compared to what we know today. In the law of freedom – the Gospel – things are different. Now, if they had asked the Lord for guidance, He would have guided them in the best way to overcome the drought that devastated the land of Israel. Everywhere, there are always problems with climate, violence and people who do not serve the Lord properly. We must seek God’s help.

A person who goes out into the world unprepared may face difficulties that he or she would not even imagine. In Brazil we know the laws, but in other nations some prejudice may arise. The language will be a challenge that can be overcome; all you have to do is study to master it well; otherwise, you can be deceived by malicious individuals. In the case we have studied, Naomi’s husband and children died due to diseases (Ruth 1.1-5).

It was divine love that made Naomi hear that God had visited Israel, and now there were rains and therefore, harvests. Where the weather goes well, when the harvests come, everyone has what to spend and what to benefit from. Whoever keeps the statutes becomes wise, with understanding (Deuteronomy 4. 5,6). There is nothing better than serving the Lord and walking in His holy presence. Do God’s will to be successful! That’s what settles it!

The following days would be precious. The harvest was coming, and the law in Israel guaranteed the livelihood of the poor (Leviticus 19:9,10; Deuteronomy 24:19-21). Since Naomi arrived with her daughter-in-law with practically nothing, they could expect that the Lord would help them in what they had to do. There is no use in imagining things, but we must follow the directions of the Holy Scriptures.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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O merciful and compassionate Lord! How sad and calamitous was Naomi’s and Ruth’s condition! But they made a covenant that the God of Israel would be their God, and so they would soon be out of that situation. Your law foresaw a good future for them!

Then the doors would open! By meditating on what You have established in Your law, their fortunes would improve. After all, You care about Your servants. No doubt Your foreknowledge included those two women. They just needed to believe!

What would become of Naomi in the land of Moab? How would she survive, if Your law that would give them comfort and open their eyes was not there? You are wise and prepared all things to take place in the right temple. Look at those who seek You and trust in You!


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