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24/12/2023 - ENEMY TACTICS

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 And when the Philistine looked about and saw David, he disdained him; for he was only a youth, ruddy and good-looking. 1 Samuel 17.42

The devil is full of schemes that have no basis in them. He lies all the time – there is and will be no truth in him (John 8:44). Therefore, never pay attention to the adversary’s statements, because he is evil, dishonest, and all he wants is to deceive anyone who listens to him. He never rests or stops doing evil, because his character was perverted when he stood up against the Truth in the beginning.

The evil one made his servant Goliath look at David. This brave, Lord-fearing young man asked Saul to let him remove the disgrace from the army of the living God. The king tried to keep this idea away from David; after all, his opponent was the strongest and most prepared of the Philistines. After being approved by Saul, Jesse’s son was despised by the number one warrior of the wicked nation, because he felt that this boy had something different!

The enemy notices when we act by faith. He senses an invincible power behind us. So, he invents slanders about us and spreads them around town. The devil knows that we defeat him when we join the Lord in war. That’s why the adversary cares about those who are preparing to serve God properly. One day, we will be in Heaven, and all demonic action will end!

Hell also sends temptations that the lost would accept. However, since we are saved, any offer from darkness will be rejected, thus, it won’t succeed. Why submit to the kingdom of evil instead of submitting to the Creator? The Lord will reward those who get involved in evangelizing those who don’t know how happy they will be if they are servants of the Most High. To Him be the glory!

Before he fell, the giant used one of his dirtiest tricks: discrimination against someone because of their physical characteristics. In David’s case, he had red hair. However, the young hero of Israel didn’t give in to this trick, nor did he heed what was said against him. One of the secrets to becoming a winner is to ignore the words of the father of lies, because they are worthless. Be a true hero of God’s people, the Invincible One!

What the devil sees in you is real. Now, your appearance has nothing to do with your ability. Being of God, you can annihilate any adversary. This defeat had happened to the hero of the Philistines when he cursed David. No one should analyze the devil’s statements, but rather understand the Word of the Lord, which will stand forever. Be a good person, led by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14). God will make you more than victorious!

To complicate matters further, the Most High sent to the challenger of His armies the one the giant never thought was an insurmountable warrior. This disdain was due to David’s gentle appearance. It doesn’t matter how people see you, but what the Lord has made you to be in life’s battles. Under no circumstances should you back down a millimeter in your decision to fight and win. God is faithful!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Invincible Lord! In those days of Israel's reign, Your people would never lose a battle. So, we mustn't dirty ourselves with the things of the world, for You have planned a glorious future for Your children!

The Philistine looked as the devil showed him. To him, David was a cheeky boy, but to You, he was a man of war, ready to deliver Israel from the hands of its enemies. And so, it happened. Christians have been empowered to fight Your war!

Let the Goliaths come, the irresponsible loudmouths who speak evil of You and engage in the filthiest acts on Earth. The worst they can do is defy You and live as if they had done nothing. Your mercies are the reason we are not consumed. Help us, Father!


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