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 and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will. 2 Timothy 2:26

Instructing those who oppose serving God, as well as leading them to know the Truth, also leads them to wisdom. It all starts with the teachers, who, by understanding a little more of the Word, can do great good by blessing those who still do not know the Gospel. This task was given to those who learned to walk with the Lord. The purpose is to bring the lost to full freedom.

There is no reason for there to be a fool in the midst of God’s people. Since Jesus went to the cross and, in His death, defeated the devil, people who accept Him as Lord and Savior have become part of His Body. Therefore, it is inadmissible that they, under the influence of the evil one, have problems with their peers.

It pleases the Lord to see His children enjoying the blessings won by Christ. Certainly, He will be very happy if we pass on each other the teachings of the Word and pray for each other. A Christian who does not like the company of his brothers is hesitant in their faith and may need their help.

If anyone suffers from a disability, we should talk to him, rejoicing his suffering heart with the love of the heavenly Father. If we had a similar problem, we would be sad to see others walk away from us. Remember that Jesus said: When you did this to one of my little brothers, you did it to me (Matt. 25:40). Thank the Lord!

The Word speaks of loosening people from the bonds of the devil. They look like hungry and curious birds, following the crumbs left by the tempter. Then, realizing that they are in the hands of the destroyer, they despair. Some have been seized by lust and various addictions, and thus cannot break free. We have the power to free them, but will we do it?

He who is captive to the will of the devil has no courage to pray, to evangelize, nor to give God more of his time. Having no will of his own, he follows the evil one. It must be hard for him to endure this situation. Whenever a Christian sins and does not repent, he is under the command of the king of evil, who will oppress him in every way possible.

Preaching deliverance to the oppressed is the command of the Master. Because they are unaware that they suffer from temptation, they will not want to be rid of it. However, when they hear the Lord, faith will enter their hearts, and they will be saved. Let us awaken everyone to the Truth, even if they are not Christians. The Truth will set them free. God is Faithful!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our Deliverer! How many brothers do not know that, being members of the Body of Christ, they are one step closer to freedom! Therefore, we ask Your guidance to get them out of the devil's bonds. We do not accept to see them tied.

We have Jesus' command to go into the world and announce the Good News. After all, man himself will never be saved; only when you pay attention to and believe the Word. Thus faith will arise!

Why will we stop seeking You? Obeying Thee, we receive the power and anointing to set the captives free. Bless all the people, freeing them from the clutches of the devil. Thank You for everything!


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