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I will extol You, my God, O King; And I will bless Your name forever and ever. Psalm 145:1

Speaking of God´s attributes extols and honors Him. The person who learns to exalt the Lord, who planned a beautiful and harmless world, will be successful. God honors those who honor Him (Romans 13: 7), so whoever speaks right about this Being who elaborated and executed everything with His wisdom will have justified His project, which culminated with their existence. God is good in all His actions!

We must extol Him for being our greatest Designer. Since the world was created, all things remain exactly the same. In a small seed of a flower, the Creator placed the colors that embellish it, the aroma to enchant us and the beauty that makes us passionate. It is impossible to blame God, because His plan is perfect. If Adam had not sinned, the world would be simply perfect!

The more a man studies what is around him, whether visible or invisible, the more surprised he becomes. Only a much higher mind could have created as many wonders as we see. Whoever learns to praise the Lord soon realizes that this act gives him an unmatched peace, well above that which a good person, trying to help his neighbor, obtains.

Praising God is like nourishment to our spirit! Understanding this, King David decreed: I will extol you. Start doing the same, and you will feel good. Furthermore, if you speak well of the Blesser, you will be blessed and realize that He honors those who seek Him in anticipation to their problems. The Lord will help and defend you. When  contemplating how great the Most High is, David confessed that He was his King, the Ruler over his life.

The psalmist also learned that his needs would be met by declaring the Name of the Lord. That´s how he defeated Goliath, the giant. With the Name of Jesus, we are more than conquerors over what Hell uses to destroy us and we bind the strong man – Satan – and his demons, dividing the spoils of everything there is in his house (Luke 11:21, 22). What a Name! There is so much authority in the Lord!

Before returning to Heaven, Christ told the Father that He had made His Name known to us and would make us know Him more (John 17:6). This understanding must be pursued at all times, for the secret to becoming winners is found in it. There are many reasons to be happy; we just need to know how such power of that holy Name works. It opens the heavens to us and destroys diabolical works.

Even if we spend our entire lives blessing the Name of Jesus, without vain repetition, but telling new facts that glorify Him, we will never be able to say everything that He is and works. In that Name, we are forgiven, healed and freed from any evil involvement. It is good to be able to bless the Lord for ever and ever!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, I will extolYou forever! There are no words to explain everything that exists in Your holy and majestic Name, so we ask You for help, because we want to praise You!

You are our King, sovereign over everything we have and are. We will never look for another name, because only Yours has power and will last forever. Man-made gods are nothing, pure invention of those who never knew the Truth.

Help us to give Your Name due praise. We are saved, delivered and healed by using Your power and commanding evil to leave. It is good to walk with You and do Your will! Amen!


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