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Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.  Psalm 37:4

To feel pleasure in seeking the Lord does us good, but one step further will fulfill us: to delight in the power we can have in Him.  This pleases God and opens the door for Him to operate and place us in a greater mode than simply responding to our prayers.  As you delight in the Lord, you become His pleasure and then the desires of your heart will be forthcoming without even a plea or petition.

King David was a man according to the heart of God because he carried out divine orders readily (Acts 13:22).  The son of Jesse talked about delight in the Lord, which means to feel pleasure in being in His presence. This explains why the Psalmist had his prayers answered before he prayed.  This promise was included in the Bible for you to rejoice in the Word and let the Creator take care of your life. 

Be careful!  Don’t fall for the devil’s lies and do not worry against those who live in iniquity and seem to be alright, for this displeases the Lord.  The Almighty chose you to give you the opportunity to comprehend divine will and to be saved.  Those that carry out His commandments delight themselves in God, doing His will according to the Word.  However, if you are upset with a person and turn your back on them, they may not want to hear about God anymore.

To envy sinners makes us easy prey to the devil.  This is one of the greatest sins we can commit.  As saved we are commissioned to take the Word of salvation to those that perish.  However, the devil, knowing he will forever lose that sinner if they convert, provokes this individual to cause some damage.  Satan will do everything to upset us and to leave his prisoners ‘in peace’.

The secret to be successful in our mission entrusted by God is to be faithful.  If you do not give in to an evil strategy and do everything that the Word determines, even the secret desires of your heart will be granted.  Be guided by the Holy Spirit and He will level your paths, making them perfect and good (Proverbs 3:6).

The indication that you are living in the Land of the Promise where you will delight in the Lord is to have no more pleasure in sin and seek more and more to enjoy the wonders and marvels of Heaven.  The Christian know that if he has a life of prayers he will have his problems solved by God.  Those who adore, praise and cry out to Him at all times never make room for the devil.  Why live in vain, without enjoying any heavenly blessing? Change!

It is good to love the Lord, to live in His presence and to obey His purpose and plan! Consequently when the enemy attacks, you will be lifted up and rebuke him.  The fulfillment of the desires of your heart will prove that you are in Christ and His words are in you.  If you place your heart in worldly things you will never obtain this special position in God.  Delight yourself in Him!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh Father!  Life in Your presence is so different!  In it the evils disappear and we even have our desires fulfilled.  We cannot stop seeking You because in You we are safe and happy!

Why be indignant with the transgressor if we must love them and lead them to You? Our aim must be to keep You at our side.  Your orders will make us wise and fulfilled.  Thank You, Father!

We want to trust in You with all our heart and in order for this to be so, we seek Your help. Allow us to dwell in the Land of Promise so that we will be truly and totally nourished.  It is wonderful to know that You fulfill even our desires!


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