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Early the next morning Joshua mustered his army, and he and the leaders of Israel marched before them to Ai. Joshua 8:10

Taking the challenging and victorious city of Ai had a different tactic than Jericho. The shameful defeat of God’s people in the first attempt was because of a greedy Israelite who took from anathema, contrary to divine order. Because of this, Joshua and his people not only lost the battle, they also had to flee in haste. Now the curse without a cause is not fulfilled (Pv 26.2), so everyone involved in God’s work must live in holiness, for He is holy.

The Most High is called Man of War. God knows all things in detail and is the best strategist. Therefore, as the Lord teaches you, heed His Word, for it will make you victorious. Those who fail to follow the recommendations of the High err and open their guard to the enemy. So, listen to God always!

In the daily struggle, we must hear the One who is Omniscient, who knows everything. God’s guidances is infallible. Therefore, with His help, we will overcome the forces of darkness. The devil enters the battle to shame us, kill us, steal us and destroy us (John 10:10). But if we carry out the Lord’s teachings, the result will be in our favor.

After hearing how to proceed, Joshua directed the people; After all, I wanted to have a different result than the first attack. The people under his leadership had to act as the Most High commanded. Thus they had to fight with the conviction that they would not be defeated. Hallelujah!

Achan’s fateful act of coveting and taking the wedge of gold and a little silver that appeared before his eyes was enough for disaster during the confrontation. Ambition, greed, or any other action condemned in Scripture only serves to make us fail. Whoever fights with purity of hands, executing the divine strategy, will undoubtedly succeed. Follow the Lord and you will not repent.

The elders were called to report to Joshua to help him overcome the people of Ai. Together with Moses’ successor, they marched to confront those who boasted that they had prevailed against the sons of Jacob. The devil hates us because we have been separated to be with God for eternity. The saved people must be united to triumph over evil everywhere.

When everyone agrees about anything, God guides them to success, and that happened in Ai. Joshua rose early, and the elders of Israel agreed to go with him before the people. The Lord’s statements to the leader were passed on to those present, and they came back victorious!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! One of Joshua's mistakes after taking Jericho was not to consult Thee to know how to repeat the deed in Ai. If I had asked, You would have said no, because the one who took the anathema would make him lose the battle. Talk to us!

But once He understood His plan, Joshua knew that He would succeed. Nothing will overwhelm us if we obey Thee. You have the exact direction to return with the victory. Teach us to seek Thee never to be ashamed.

We want to count on your help, to know your designs and to please you, to be always successful. With your counsel we will fight and return with joy, bringing the fruit of obedience. Hallelujah!


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