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“Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ Matthew 6:31

One of the Lord’s commandments, which is rarely respected, is to stand still. It has become common to see Christians suffering with several health problems, like chronic allergies, high blood pressure and other things, just because of the fact that they are restless. Those who live without peace and are pressured by evil will only be free from these symptoms if they believe in Christ. With Him, we receive authority over evil.

Commit yourself to keeping your inner peace. You will be the greatest beneficiary of it, and your relatives will also be thankful, because when you’re restless, you pass all the weight on to them. Remember: after we’ve understood how to deal with evil, if we don’t do it, it becomes a sin in our lives. Be vigilant and pray!

Many times we are surrounded and tempted by foolish things, and because we ignore God’s guidance that we should go against them, we behave as if God were absent. But that’s a lie! The Almighty One is on our side all the time, and He’s ready to fulfill His Word. Why disobey the Lord when our pleasure should be to please Him?

It’s true that we all have problems. Therefore, we can’t just ignore them, saying nothing worries us. However, our prayers in the name of Jesus will come to pass! With that in mind, we can take our place in the Son of God and enjoy the abundant life He gives to us. Our story changes when we believe in the Lord and give the place of sovereignty to Him alone.

Your reasons for worrying are irrelevant, because you have been guided to make known all your necessities before God through prayer and supplication (Philippians 4:6). The prayer of faith must be made when you want to go against the operations of the evil one. Supplication is a shorter prayer, it’s when you mention divine promises when evil comes against you or when someone is facing trouble. The good Shepherd loves to hear the voice of His sheep praying for the afflicted!

When you pray or supplicate on someone’s behalf, you must believe without changing your prayer, that the Father will fulfill His promises. With that in mind, finish the prayer with words of gratitude. God is moved when we give thanks. May He make you understand how much you can receive from Him when you call out in the name of Jesus, claiming your rights through the Word.

Why should we live in restlessness when the Lord’s orientation is that we never allow evil to create roots in our hearts? Following the Master’s example, God will help us in everything. Those who are saved will always be successful, as long as they take possession of the revelation of the Word. We are more than conquerors in Jesus!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God! We want to live in peace and to fulfill Your calling of doing the work as Jesus taught us. We will be successful, because we have examples of Your Son, who taught us to live victoriously. Thank You!

Why would we be disobedient, if Your orders are easy to be followed, as long as we believe in the Scriptures? King Hezekiah was restless because of a threat he received from the king of Syria, but when he received a word from prophet Isaiah, he quieted himself.

From today on, as newborns in Your kingdom, we will make known our iniquities before You, through prayer and supplication. We won’t ever lose battles if You know our struggles. We are thankful for Your constant help!


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