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‘Hear this now, O foolish people, without understanding, who have eyes and see not, And who have ears and hear not:  Jeremiah 5:21

There is no greater madness than knowing the Truth, but living as if it were a lying tale. Those who are enlightened by the Word and therefore saved from eternal damnation know the reason why some people do not seek the Lord: the works of the hellish kingdom in their lives. Only a work of the Holy Spirit will deliver them from spiritual darkness.

When we understand faith in Jesus, we open ourselves to the Truth. Only this way we can realize the need to be saved. It is natural to feel something strange when one is evangelized, for no one can go to Jesus unless the Father leads him (John 6:44). Therefore, we must be in communion with the Lord so that we do not waste the work. Without the action of the Holy Spirit, our effort will be in vain.

Abraham heard that he should look up and look from northward, southward, eastward, and westward;, to see the land that was being given to him. What he saw would be his (Genesis 13: 14-18). If he were short-sighted, he would have a small territory. We must do the same thing with the Gospel, because what we receive from the Lord will depend on our understanding. It would be good to have the help of the Omniscient to see all that He has planned for us; then we will not be short-sighted.

The plan of God must be contemplated in its fullness; after all, we are His co-workers in the work of redemption of humanity. It would be excellent to have the necessary understanding to carry out His will. That is why Jesus said that we can do nothing without Him. Strive to stand before God without any condemnation. Thus, He will show you what you need to see. Otherwise much will be lost.

It is foolish to despise what is shown to you. Out of the divine revelation, there is only Satan´s wickedness, which draws men to sin and suffering. The devil will always try to make you disregard the revelations of the Lord. By listening to the Word, you become a threat to the infernal kingdom. So do not be alarmed by temptations; they are invested with evil and must be promptly rejected.

Scripture teaches that you will hear the voice of the Spirit behind you, warning you of what belongs to you in Christ and what is not to be done. Pay attention to the preaching or reading of the Word and even to the hymns sung in the church. By following the Lord’s teachings, many falls and adversities will be avoided. God is a good Father and He loves you.

The first work of the Omnipotent in the life of those who pay attention to the Gospel is to change the heart of stone, insensible to His voice, to one of flesh, who feels and understands the divine speech (Ezekiel 36:26). In this way, you will walk in fellowhip with the Father, and this will help you until the day of your departure for eternity. Imagine being taught by the One who created everything out of nothing.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! What a contradiction! We seek to understand Your will and, at the same time, we despise what You teach us. Thus, we return to captivity. We should not go on like this; when we know the Truth, it sets us free.

Heal us from madness, deliver us from the errors and delusions of the devil. We cannot walk in darkness, for we have been enlightened by Your light. We ask for mercy not to go back to error.

May we see all the land that You have given us, to walk in its length. We need Your help to see what we have freely received in Jesus. Forgive us and cleanse us! Amen!


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