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02/03/2018 - FORGIVE ALL MY SINS

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Look on my affliction and my pain, And forgive all my sin. Psalm 25:18

Sin in the heart of a man has to be dealt with and treated faster than an incurable illness that has been diagnosed by a doctor after examinations. Our transgressions separate us from the Lord and shut His ears in order that He may not hear us.  Whoever hides a sin, or more than one, does not respect the Word of God and will never be delivered from the enemy’s attacks.

The psalmist was imperfect, like any other human being. Even among those who serve the Lord with sincerity and fear, we find people who sin.  Thus, we should exhort them and, in some cases, we must reprehend them severely.  It is necessary that we speak of what the Almighty has said, unless we could not care less about the eternal condemnation they will suffer after the next coming of Jesus. Have mercy on us!

By knowing his needs, and observing what went on in his mind, and what he had done wrong, David asked God to deliver him from his affliction. He knew where he stood.  If anyone also has this same conviction, he must ask the Lord to examine his heart, for this person is deeply embittered.  Only sincere repentance can open the way to restoration.

David pleaded with the Almighty to forgive him of all his sins, because he was tormented by pain in his soul.  Certainly we will find those who live with great pains in their consciences due to their sins, and because they do not confess, this suffering will increase tremendously.  We can say that it is the voice of the Holy Spirit warning them that their end is drawing near.  However, should they repent, they will be saved.

The Lord extended the gift of repentance to everyone.  He did this so that the lost could be made new creatures.  Therefore, we have to preach the Word with wisdom from Above to these people, and this mission will take salvation to those that want to be successful.  Do not be fooled: no one should displease God, because man will sew all that he reaps (Galatians 6:7) How have you been sowing?

When you are in the presence of the Father, confess your sins.  Even those you think are minor, if they are not confessed and forgiven, they will not be forgiven by the Almighty, who will not answer you. Settle with the Lord and with the person whom you sinned against.  This way you will not stumble on the obstacles that keep you from forgiveness.  The devil leads you to transgression and imprisons you.

You will not be forgiven on your own merits, but by believing in Jesus’ work on Calvary.  Go into sincere prayer and confess to the Almighty all your offenses.  Next you must believe that He is forgiving you.  Depending on your sins, you must look for the person whom you sinned against and make things right with him.  Strive to receive forgiveness.

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God, the Forgiver and Sanctifier! First, we ask that You free us from what separates us from You.  We need forgiveness from all our sins, by thought, words, and deeds. Thank you for the gift that delivers us from evil.

We have to be right with You to enjoy our positions as redeemed and Your mercies.  So we now come in the Name of Jesus to confess our sins and be blessed by Your kindness. Thank you Lord, for your goodness!

We know that our afflictions will only cease when there is Peace in us that only Your forgiveness brings.  Only this way we will be able to do what You have appointed.  Your grace promises us that besides being forgiven, we will serve You free from sin. Amen!


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