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So when they had brought their boats to land, they forsook all and followed Him.  Luke 5:11

Even though being God, the Lord gives man the responsibility to help Him in His work. If a simple request coming from the Father is answered, you will have a significant reward. Thus, as you feel the divine touch to help someone who is needy, do not even think twice, but reach out your hand to help. This could be your greatest opportunity to be used by the Most High to do a good work and be rewarded for it. Believe and serve Him!

The things that God does are always concerning benefits that men never expect. A glass of cold water that you offer for someone who needs to calm down, for example, will give you the chance of being rewarded by He who has all the power and ability to help you. Never despise the Most High’s guidance, because He will certainly promote you before people. In a split second, after his initial shock, Peter received a mission.

The most important work that we can do is to teach the Word for those who don’t know how to distinguish good from evil. This touches the heart of the Father, who will reward you for your obedience. Be sensitive to the words of the Lord, to what He proposes and what He will give after you listen to Him. Who knows if this is the moment for you to enter the Kingdom of God? Wasn’t this what Mordecai said to Esther (Esther 4:14)?

Allow the Most High to use your boat. As you finish the work that He wishes to do, you and those around you will be surprised by your reward. Now, besides being Almighty, the Lord is good. Therefore, those who trust in His hands their gifts and abilities will not be frustrated in life or after death. Definitively, there is nothing more gratifying than to respond to the Lord’s revelations. However, some do not respond to Him.

Never stop fulfilling God’s orders. Once He guides you, He will go ahead of you to act in your favor. Thus, always be attentive to a biblical reading, to a sermon, to prayer, or a meditation. Undoubtedly, He will make you understand what He has for you so that you may be blessed. Jesus said that it is better to give, to obey His requests, than to receive (Acts 20:35). The reward will always be greater than what you expect.

To work based on the Word is infinitely better than to act according to what seems to be good and productive. Forget your experience, ability, and fulfill what the Omnipotent proposes, even if it may be something new. As we have seen, once the Most High orders us to do something, He helps in the fulfillment and in the harvesting, which are the outcome of our obedience to Him. God is with those who answer to His guidance with joy. Will you obey the Most High?

Do not be selfish: your neighbors and colleagues also have the right to enjoy the abundance brought by Christ. Certainly, forsaking everything to follow Him is always the wisest attitude. There are more souls that must be saved than churches that can reach them. Being so, if the harvesting in your congregation has been enormous, invite other churches to participate in such a blessing. Look for the Kingdom and think about the Kingdom. Then, you will see how good and rewarding it is to serve the Lord.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of rewards! It is good to be invited to help in Your work. Those who respond to You will benefit much more than if they acted based on their professional experience. You reward us!

Apostle Peter did not imagine that his boat would be asked by the One who created the Universe. Besides, he did not expect that that “loan” to Jesus would turn him into a fisher of men. Mankind never understands Your plans, but if we obey and respond to You, we will see the reward.

The quantity of fish that come as a reward for helping You is greater than any other natural means even in the best days of fishing. You never leave Your workers empty-handed. Thank You for rewarding us!


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